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Tactical Command Industries – 20th Anniversary Promotion

This is an announcement from Tactical Command Industries, a tactical comms company and a brand under Safariland Group, regarding their 20th Anniversary and a special promotional sale they’re running.


Tactical Command Industries, a brand of the Safariland Group, is celebrating our 20th anniversary. Originally founded by a SWAT team officer, TCI has built a business and a reputation for providing first responders, law enforcement, and military personnel rugged and innovative tactical communications accessories. Beginning with the SAS earpiece system, through the Liberator series headset, and finally the MAST antenna relocation kit, TCI continues to offer products developed from end user input and experienced development and design. Following the acquisition by the Safariland Group in 2012, our capability to develop cutting edge products has increased exponentially. The most recent addition is a professionally certified acoustics laboratory that allows our engineers and technicians to conduct in-house acoustic testing and certification.

To celebrate our anniversary we are offering discounts, as much as 30% off, on many items in our inventory, including the venerable TASC headset and the modern TABC3 bone conduction headset. Products can be purchased as a complete kit including a push to talk or as just a stand-alone headset.

Go to:

Select your products and enter the promo code TCI30 in the “Apply Promo Code” field. If there are any questions don’t hesitate to contact TCI Customer Service 800-347-1200, and select TCI.

This celebration will end at the end of December. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own professional grade communications accessories at a significant discount.

Don’t forget about Shot Show, be sure to visit TCI in the Safariland booth #12762, where we plan to unveil new and exciting product.

7 Responses to “Tactical Command Industries – 20th Anniversary Promotion”

  1. Victor DiCosola says:

    Great gear for many years now! A staple in the comms industry.

  2. Don Medine says:

    Thanks for keeping the torch lit for all these years!

    • Vince says:

      Thanks and congratulations Don for building a great company and putting customers first. I’ve said it before here on SSD, there have only been two companies that I have ever been able to call and have the actual owner pick up the phone; TCI and TNVC. Both you and Vic have set the bar for customer service in the industry.

  3. Airborn_fister says:

    I have to say my liberators made it thru a bunch of fit hitting the Shan. Plus the buttons were readily acessable. The best part was that I could put my headset on. Using the tci plug. Get a Vic cabel and never had to take my helmet off to switch headsets when in and out of the truck. Just unplug and plug in my headset. It was money.

  4. Casey says:

    DEHP not part of the sale? Discount code shows “not applied” when I try to use it with that product.

  5. Brad Medine says:

    Casey, apologies but the DEHP is not on Promo this month. You can use TCIQ416 and get 25% off. Plus free shipping over $75. Thanks for the support.