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Haley Strategic – D3 SLK Sling


Haley Strategic just put up a new product for pre-order, the D3 SLK Sling. The SLK Sling is a new version of the current D3 Sling, which omits the QD mounts and tri-glide of the latter, while still featuring the same low profile pad and 5-layer laminated construction. The intent behind this more minimalist design is customization, allowing users their choice of different mounting systems.



The D3 SLK Sling is also being offered in Coyote and MultiCam. All three variants will begin shipping on December 16th.


One Response to “Haley Strategic – D3 SLK Sling”

  1. Glad to see this finally arrive, being able to slip on your own end-points รก la the BFG padded Vickers 2-point/padded MS1 is definitely the way forward.