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Ops-Core RAC Headset Now Available For Direct Order

I know a lot of you have been asking for it, and now Gentex has added the RAC Communications Headset to the Ops-Core website for direct order. They are in stock and ready to ship. In fact, during a recent visit to their factory in Manchester, New Hampshire, I watched them assembling the RACs in anticipation of this move.

RAC consists of outer earcups, wireless earbuds and a boom microphone. It is a delicate balance between protecting and enabling hearing. From the beginning, Ops-Core wanted to offer an internal earbud, which greatly increases hearing protection. For example, with just the earcups, RAC offers 20db protection. By adding the NFMI earbuds, that protection is increased to 32 db. Adding RAC’s wireless earbuds isn’t analogous to adding foamies, which would block the Situational Awareness advantage. Additionally, wired inserts aren’t the answer because wires get in the way of pro masks, balaclavas, etc. Some systems use one form of RF signal or another but, that raises security issues due to encryption.

Instead, Ops-Core decided to use a magnetic system. It’s battery free and wireless. The audio signal stimulates a coil which becomes the transmit antenna. Because it uses a magnetic field to work, you must keep the coil contained in the earcup close to the earbuds. For instance, you can open the earcup slightly to vent, but you can’t move it to the rear in the storage position because the earbud won’t receive the signal.

The RAC features an interesting 3D hearing, Situational Awareness capability, made possible by the integration of what is essentially an artificial ear, combined with electronics. The intake for ambient noise is at an angle, like your ear, rather than flat across the front like on other systems. Inside the intake, the SA microphone is located at the top to avoid the effects of wind, and to help water drain down, after immersion.

Additionally, the external boom microphone is immersible and noise canceling. To swap sides for the boom microphone, you remove the plug and swap it. Although the earbuds are wireless, the earcuos are commected via a cable which is attached to the helmet via Velcro. Various cables are available for connection to comms systems.

Compatible with the Ops-Core FAST and Sentry Helmet Systems, RAC is designed to attach directly to the ARC Rail. RAC mounts to the lower, angled section of the ARC rail. This keeps it out of the way, leaving room for other accessories on the upper section of the rail.

The earcups are mounted on a gimbel to fit a wide variety of ear and head shapes, but one of the most unique features is that RAC has a built-in storage ability. The earcups rotate back to the rear of the helmet when not in use, creating a very low profile. In fact, the earcups aren’t visible from front view when stowed.

RAC is offered in Urban Tan, Foliage Green and Black. However, RAC accpets dipped patterns very well. Additionally, RAC can be purchased with the NFMI earplug capability or without. RACs purchased without the NFMI system are not upgradeable.


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18 Responses to “Ops-Core RAC Headset Now Available For Direct Order”

  1. BAP45 says:

    That ear bud thing has to be the slickest advancement in earpro Ive seen since the original peltors way back. No idea how a magnet can work like that but super cool.

    • Guy says:

      Its the same way a speaker or microphone works. They’re just inducing a magnetic field instead of running wires.

  2. Gerard says:

    What a great system.

  3. Lasse says:

    How much to replace the wireless buds that you are guaranteed to loose?

    Just kidding, I’ll never own one in the first place 🙁
    (tiny hole is actually for a tether?)

    • Matt says:

      Good question. We are looking at tethering as this has been a request. We do understand these can get loss though the buds are not overly expensive.

  4. Adun says:

    I am just excited that you get real hearing protection instead of just an “acceptable” amount. By the time I save my pennies up for this maybe the next generation will be out XD

    • Matt says:

      We recently had a Black Friday promotion that you may still be able to get on the headset.

  5. d says:

    Very cool. Like a fish growing feet.

  6. Invictus says:

    One step closer to David Drake’s combat helmet in the Hammerverse. Next step, nose filters and eyepro map overlays.

  7. Nicholas says:

    Wonder when this tech will make it to aircraft CEPs.

    • Clinstone says:

      It’s made by Gentex so there’s no reason they can’t retrofit the earcups on the existing aircrew helmets.

  8. J says:

    Any idea if these will fit on a Crye Airframe w/ rails?

  9. Toby Melville says:

    $1331.00! Holy @#$% that is one seriously expensive head set. It better buy me dinner and rub my feet after my infil! No thanks, I LOVE kit but daaaaaaaamn!

    • SSD says:

      That’s the Retail price. You have to remember that these weren’t designed with the intent of individual retail sales.

  10. defiant says:

    Now this is some clever work on these. Neat the attention payed to protecting and tilting the mic’s, too. Can’t wait to see where all of this is heading.