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Magpul and Gibbz Arms Settle Patent Infringement Lawsuit

December 14, 2016 — Magpul Industries Corp. announced today that has settled its patent infringement lawsuit against Gibbens Engineering Group, LLC, a/k/a Gibbz Arms, which was pending in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas.

Magpul’s initial complaint asserted that Gibbz Arms infringed three Magpul utility patents by selling the “Gibbz Arms Modular Attachment (GAMA) System.” Magpul’s amended complaint reasserted those utility patents and sought a preemptive declaration that Magpul’s M-LOK® system did not infringe any Gibbz Arms patents. Gibbz Arms’ answer to Magpul’s amended complaint asserted as a defense that the GAMA System did not infringe Magpul’s patents.

The companies settled their dispute on confidential and mutually agreeable terms. Under the terms of the settlement, Gibbz Arms agreed to assign patent rights related to the dispute to Magpul. Adopters and licensees of Magpul’s M-LOK® system continue to have complete freedom to operate without interference, and M-LOK adoption will continue to be available via free license to interested parties.

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  1. Christopher Kalifornia says:

    Gee, nobody saw THAT coming.