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Salomon Forces – New Colorways For 2017

Speed Assault now offered in Black; Jungle Ultra to be offered in Beluga color

New for 2017, Salomon will add two new color options to popular shoe models in its Forces range, designed to address the professional requirements of core safety, law enforcement and military forces. Fans of Salomon’s Speed Assault and Jungle Ultra models will now have more options to choose from.

The Speed Assault will now be available in an all-black option, joining the already available burro (brown) offering. This super light (just 11.29 oz.), protective, and fiercely gripped shoe is ready for any warm weather or wet operation. From desert deployment to jungle training camps, it will help you maintain speed for better attacks. The Speed Assault also features non-reflective materials to make it more stealth-like, as well as breathable anti-debris mesh, a protective welded toe cap and an injected EVA midsole. The high-traction Contagrip sole helps maintain balance in varying weather conditions.

The durable, protective and breathable Jungle Ultra utility boot will now be available in a new Beluga (grey-green) color addition in 2017. The previously available brown color will also remain in the lineup. For those who require a reliable and durable heavy-duty solution for demanding and active work, the Jungle Ultra is designed to withstand the punishing conditions of warm, dry environments like the desert or even wet jungle conditions. It has an eight-inch suede leather upper for durability and protection. Plus, it features a high-traction Contagrip sole, a protective rubber toe cap, molded EVA, a breathable collar and breathable yet durable mesh tongue. The Beluga color option of the Jungle Ultra boot will be available in early January 2017.

During SHOT Show, the 2017 Salomon Forces line will be in display in ZENO #4803 Level 4 of the Sands Expo.


21 Responses to “Salomon Forces – New Colorways For 2017”

  1. Ron Dignard says:

    Thanks Solomon for more of those idiotic green and brown colors.

    • EODFish says:

      Those of us required to wear green boots appreciate it.

    • Dan says:

      I think the Burro color is the best idea they did this year, much better than 90’s desert tan.

      In addition turning the Speedcross into a lightweight assault boot was genius.

      Keep knocking out the good stuff Salomon!

  2. Kemp says:

    I wonder if the grey colorway is in response to an underway/vbss requirement

  3. Samuel says:

    How about a simple black offering with a polishable toe?

  4. RJ says:

    Oh how I wish they would make an 8″ compliant-ish Quest…mine ALMOST passed the CSM test. Until they didn’t.

  5. MEDIC! says:

    I would be interested in how grey-green that really is. If they were trying to develop a AF approved sage boot, use sage. I love Salomon for all my boot and shoe needs, but this would be disappointing if the color scheme turns out be gray versus say a sage. I may just have to stick to my Lowas. Regardless I still love my other Salomon boots.

    • EODFish says:

      They were offering the jungle boot in sage; we have had them on order for a few months now. I tried to find a link but they appear to have vanished.

      • MEDIC! says:

        It wasn’t a true sage color, as the green was more of a pewter color.

      • MEDIC! says:

        Being in EOD unit, your leadership is probably more open to boot options, unless you have leadership that is all standards and no work.

  6. bob says:

    I just wish salomons could actually tell me where i can get a set of the jungle ultras in size 14. Ive sent several emails and wasted hours traulling the web. Thanks for nothing… because thats all i can get my hands on.

    some one who spends alot of time with wet hot feet in the jungle

    • bob says:

      also… since when was suede ever a good option for the jungle? the silt will tear them apart if they ever dry out. still want them

  7. Big_Juju says:

    Is the Jungle Ultra AR 670-1 compliant? (Please say “Yes.”)

  8. Todd says:

    Wide sizes, maybe one day?????

  9. Ex Coelis says:

    A big Thank-you to Tactical Grilling for posting the live-link and to SSD for yet another great product update. Big Salomon fan here… Cheer and thanks again!

  10. rowan11b says:

    The jungle ultras are phenomenal boots for infantry work, spent the first half of this year in country with them, and just did a 27 mile foot March in them last week. Absolutely mops the floor with the typical Nike offerings most dudes wear.