Sneak Peek – Altama’s OTB Maritime Assault Boot

Look for the new OTB Maritime Assault Boot by Altama in both low and mid heights, with limited showings at OR for key SOF groups and a full launch at SHOT.

The Maritime Assault Boot is intended for all tactical water operations with a fin friendly fit, it will accept the toe box of just about all dive fins used by Militaries worldwide. High abrasion quick drying 1000D Cordura quarter panels are offered in both solid colors and Multicam. This is combined with air mesh linings which help wick away sweat and other moisture quickly from your foot. To further mitigate the effects of water, there is an Ultron anti-microbial PU contoured footbed which will not absorb water and the front non-metallic drain ports allow for water to drain easily when flexing the boot.

Low-profile laces will not cause pain from fin wear on long swims and the non-shine rust-proof lace hardware will not break on the go. Additionally, Altama integrates a full-length, one-piece polypropylene shank to procide stability and support when climbing a caving ladder.

Finally, Altama’s OTB Maritime Assault Boot incorporates SEAL Rubber sticky outsoles. The rubber compound was originally developed for rock climbing shoes and modified for wet tactical operations. SEAL Rubber is one of the stickiest, high traction rubbers on the market today.

Look for these and other new styles at SHOT Show.


19 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Altama’s OTB Maritime Assault Boot”

  1. Dev says:

    These look awesome.

  2. straps says:

    Brace for impact. These are gonna be a hit.

  3. James says:


  4. John R Merritt says:

    How do I purchase a pair of these?

  5. Jack Griffin says:

    They’re like more tactical Nike Vandals.

    *big saucer eyes*

    …totally buying four pairs of the mids.

    These things are gonna be way popular.

  6. Jim says:

    Tactical Deck shoes….I wants it

  7. Dave Leonard says:

    I just want Altama to make their ripple sole jungle boots again.

  8. Will says:

    So are these legit combat swimmer shoes, or just marketing? I get the vibe that these are just regular shoes with the “tactical operator ninja ranger seal” certified tag.

  9. BAP45 says:

    Tactical-ness aside these would be awesome for shore dives or creek fishing.

  10. Asinine Name says:

    Since it’s Altama, it’s just possible that they’ll make these in a Wide fitting…if so, I’m there.

  11. matty says:

    hnnngggg. I need this.

  12. ak says:

    have it in grey and I am buyin

  13. Kris says:

    I’m just happy to see Altima making stuff again. I hope the new new stuff is as high quality as what they used to make.

  14. oneoops31 says:

    I had a pair of the prototypes to show some people at SOFIC, I got a lot of positive feedback. These were originally a project between OTB and someone else.