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Sneak Peek – Highland Shirt from Triple Aught Design

This Friday, Triple Aught Design is releasing the Highland Shirt.  This wool shirt features slotted buttons and is Made in USA!

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17 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Highland Shirt from Triple Aught Design”

  1. Robby D says:

    I’m setting the over under at $110. Place your bets below.

    (Am the only one who doesn’t know what slotted buttons are?)

  2. ALAN says:

    If I didn;t know beforehand, I would guess this ad video was for-
    (A):A Shotgun
    (B):Geriatric vitamins or supplements
    (C): Model ‘X’ pickup truck(s)
    (D):The NRA

    I however,would not assume it to be about a shirt.

    Now, not necessarily ripping on T.A.D-but they are a good example of companies who do this…if you want someone to BUY something, it might be a good idea to SHOW what I might want to buy…especially when I live thousands of miles away from your “Brick and Mortar” store, and cannot come in and look at/handle the item to determine if I want it. All I could gather from the video is that it is 100% wool,and it seems to be grey in color.

    This IS an however, an improvement,in that “Nu-Metal” isn’t playing so loud it makes your speakers blow out and your eardrums bleed, as is still somewhat prevalent in the ‘Tactical’ gear retail community, but,before dropping what I am sure,from T.A.D. will be a $100-plus shirt,I would like to SEE the thing for more than a nanosecond. Hell, by the time everyone sees this, the 5 pieces they made will be out of stock anyway,

    • Gerard says:

      LOL yeah more shirt and less Truck

    • Robby D says:

      There’s a reason the advert looks the way it does.

      TAD isn’t selling shirts. They are selling a lifestyle, or rather the illusion of a lifestyle.

      Buying TAD gear is meant to tell yourself or others that you could be the type of person that takes his 4×4 up into the mountains to shoot some clay pigeons.

      (whether people that buy TAD gear actually have mini-adventures that is another question. Some do, some don’t.)

    • Chris says:

      Ohhh. Think they’ll make five? (I say that with some love as I have a bunch of their older stuff but their business model drives me nuts).

      • ALAN says:

        I’m guessing 4 small, and 1 “other” size.

        But it’s just a guess…could be all 5 small!

        • Jack Trade says:

          2 smalls for their Japanese fanbois, then 8 XXXXL for their typical NRA member pickup-riding “tactical” paper target range user.

  3. Redbeard says:

    Kind of dumb ad, but looks like a nice shirt.

    • SSD says:

      It’s a teaser.

      • Kev says:

        That was a long teaser that didn’t create interest in the shirt…Missed it’s mark

        • SSD says:

          Perhaps for you. It worked quite effectively with their core customer.

          What’s interesting is watching them transition their model. In the past, you never knew what they’d be releasing week to week. They didn’t release a lot of new products each year and supply was very limited. To get anything you wanted you had to be ready at 9AM Pacific to visit their website and place your order.

          Now, they’re releasing new products regularly, and restocking existing products as well.