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Colt Launches Tactical Lighting

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (January 06, 2017) – Legendary firearms manufacturer Colt is excited to announce the release of its first line of integral-mount weapon lighting and handheld tactical lighting systems. The product line includes four tactical flashlights and four weapon-light systems, featuring up to 1200 lumens of high intensity power.

The new line of tactical and weapon lights are designed with the quality and performance Colt customers have come to expect from all of its product lines. “They are a new standard in portable mountable lighting,” said Tan Woo, lead design engineer for Colt Lights. “Now Colt enthusiasts have an answer for their illumination needs – be it for hunting, training, or law enforcement and security duty. These robustly designed lights can withstand the rigors of daily use while providing superior visibility when environmental light is low to extremely dark.”

The Colt weapon light models includes the slim, rail-hugging integral-mount Microtac® MS white light and Predator™ green models. All of the integral-mount models are built with high performance, low-profile bodies and reversible heads and tails for optimal on-rail customization. They are efficiently powered by AA or AAA battery power systems (depending on model) for up to 400 lumens of output. “We wanted to make sure that our mountable lights were recoil-resistant for nearly all hunting rifle calibers,” said Woo. “And for flexibility, we designed them to mount on both Picatinny and Weaver rail systems, so sportsmen can easily use them with their existing equipment.” The light mounting system supports multiple ambidextrous mounting options. Predator™ models ship with both white and green LEDs.

The four new handheld tactical lights offer the same professional grade quality as the weapon light series. Tactical lights include the 1200 lumen high-intensity PeaceMaker® which is powered by four CR123 cells, the 800 Lumen compact slim-line Judge® powered by two CR123 cells, and the AMRAM® Microtac® AM100 and AM200 Backup Series. “When something goes bump in the night, these handheld flashlights offer the kind of illumination you need to inspire confidence,” says Woo.

Colt Lights will be available through Shop.Colt.Com and


8 Responses to “Colt Launches Tactical Lighting”

  1. Kris says:

    Who is doing market reasearch for colt? So far they have released three retro guns and now a flashlight. When are they going to inovatet and give the consumer what they want instead of attempting to live off of there reputation?

    • Arrow 4 says:

      My thoughts exactly! Do what your primary function and purpose are first and do it well, then think about other shit. And if you are going to launch into a new universe, do it with a bang, that light is nothing earth shattering.

  2. Invictus says:

    If Tan Woo doesn’t call his design crew the Woo Tan Clan, that’s just a missed opportunity.

  3. Marcus says:


    Like he hasn’t heard that before.

    Good on Colt for branching out. Plenty of room in that part of the market for more innovation.

  4. Jon says:

    Why do I get the feeling that these will come with stickers attached saying “Made in China”. I hope I’m wrong.

  5. MidGasFan says:

    Us enthusiasts you speak of already had plenty of answers for our lighting needs. Including plenty of Chinese made lights that will inevitably be rebranded with the Colt name and logo. On the website it says “Patented Design produced exclusively for Colt”.

    There are many quality US made products that are affordable and reliable including, but not limited to: SureFire, Inforce and Elzetta. There are obviously more, but those are the ones I’m most comfortable with based on my personal experiences.

    If these are good lights, I’ll eat my words. They will hopefully be better than Colt knives…

    I’m glad Colt is finally coming out with a mid gas gun, albeit two years late. H&K seemed to realize they needed to branch out from .mil contacts and innovate a bit so I hope for Colt’s sake this works in those regards.

  6. Korin Lowe says:

    I know that Colt’s taken quite some time to do this release, but when you look at all of the bulky misfit problems with weapon lights currently on the market, you’ll see why we designed and developed these lines. Beside that, we released what is one of the brightest lights 1200 lumens with 1 LED, if not the brightest handheld LE light at 70,000 CD that words in reality at 80,000. Lot’s of good exceptionally high-end lights, coming from Colt.
    The weapon lights are actually designed by 5 engineers and headed by both German and Italian and American, making it on fine piece of genuine Colt Quality with computer regulation and a very high quality built. The heads and tails swap…It was the idea someone should have thought of but didn’t. But Colt made these systems to replace the bulky floppy under-performing units on the market that no one really wanted to put on their rifles.
    The actual performance is very nice, and if you’re a predator hunter, the swappable green HO LED is definitely a must have. To get the same quality, you won’t be buying a $100 toy , The quality level is that of its 600-800$ competitors, but at a fraction of the price. When you first handle it, you will know the difference. These are Mil-Spec and designed for Combat Duty. The same cannot be said for those $300 and below lights described by some. Lumen output is a small thing. You can find all kinds of poorly built lights rated 1000 lumens.(although they only do that for 40 seconds before cutting back up to 75%). 400 genuine Lumens from 2 AA batteries is Awesome if your a soldier in a place where lithium batteries are hard to find.