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Sentinel Concepts Announces Partnership with FN for Product Development and Training

Howell, Mi. – Jan. 11, 2017) — Sentinel Concepts, leading consultant and training organization specializing in the firearms industry, announces a partnership with FN America, LLC to provide input to the company’s product development as well as instruction on cutting-edge training protocols for their staff. Additionally, Steve Fisher, owner and President of Sentinel Concepts, will act as a brand ambassador for the FN brand, utilizing the company’s FN 15™ series of modern sporting rifles and semi-automatic, polymer pistols during his training courses.

“We are very excited to have Steve Fisher joining us in this role.” said Greg Livermore, vice president of product management for FN America, LLC. “Steve’s background will see him play two important roles at FN – as a subject matter expert and as a trainer for FN personnel. Our goal remains to develop the best possible platforms for our civilian and professional customers.”

FN America selected Fisher for his practical approach to training and reach within the civilian and law enforcement training communities. Fisher will transition to the FN 15 Series of rifles – the Tactical Carbine II and the DMR II for his 2017 classes. Fisher will be participating as a professional representative of the FN line of rifles and pistols and as an active member of the product development team. Consulting for manufacturers in product design and testing has long been a part of Fisher’s contribution to the industry.

“I am honored to join the FN team and represent such high quality, well designed products.” Steve Fisher said. “The team of design engineers at FN are some of the most forward thinking individual I have yet to work with in the industry and I look forward to contributing to new innovations at FN.”

That’s some pretty big news. Congrats Yeti!

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4 Responses to “Sentinel Concepts Announces Partnership with FN for Product Development and Training”

  1. patrick sweeney says:

    Even before I read the text, I thought “What is Steve doing with a SCAR?” Who else can make it look that small?

    • Billiam says:

      And it’s not even a SCAR-L he’s making look small — that’s the new experimental SCAR-XL in .700 Nitro Express!

  2. Ruger says:

    The Yeti will exceed your expectations! He’s a cornucopia of knowledge that is easily absorbed.

    Congratulations to both FN and Steve Fisher.

  3. Bkelly4790 says:

    Aww I was hoping there might be something SCAR related been a real lack of anything dedicated to the rifles training wise since Matt Jacques got brought on at LWRCI 🙁