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See WeaponLogic by Secubit USA at SHOT Show

For many years the military has been seeking out a reliable means to accurately record the use of its small arms inventory in order to better manage its lifecycle. For instance, preventive maintenance becomes more effective as accurate understanding of how and when weapon components wear out and replacement parts are installed before the originals wear out. This keeps weapons in the fight longer and improves both accuracy and reliability. For many years, the proposed solution has been a round counter, installed on the weapon.

Some examples of recent requirements include:
NAVSOC RFI Released for combat evaluation which stems from an earlier, original RFI that was released from CRANE.
Red Dot sight contract from Crane listed shot counting technology as an objective requirement either by directly accessing the rounds from a button combination that displayed on the screen or a separate scanning device. A round count will help them to make a more educated decision on whether the optic is worth repairing or if it’s just old enough to replace.
-SURG Requirement listed shot counter as an objective requirement.

Secubit USA has been hard at work refining their WeaponLogic device. Although many refer to it as a shot counter, it answers these requirements, and much more.

WeaponLogic Attributes:
-Passive RFID capabilities
-360 Deg view of your weapon’s current state
-Smart analysis of shot profile including energy and duration
-Records shots fired, cadence of fire, shot duration and burst rate
-Provides information on rate of fire for ammunition checks
-Greatly reduces the amount of inspection and maintenance

As you can see, the Counter fits into a hollow in the pistol grip and also serves as an RF tag, giving the weapon a unique signature which can be interrogated via a reader. Collected data can then be parsed in a variety of ways for different applications. This also enhances sensitive material control by identifying the weapon, even when it is stored with others, via RF interrogation.

Additionally, WeaponLogic can be integrated into an automated arms room. Secubit is working on integration with Smart Track, a Williams Engineering product. Smart Track is a digital asset tracking and management system that uses Smartcards cards, PIN’s, Biometrics, IUID tags, RFID and 2D bar-coding to inventory, track, trace, account, maintain, issue and receive equipment for all critical and non-critical unit property. The system produces approved forms, providing an electronic copy of each and every system transaction.

WeaponLogic will be on display at SHOT Show in the ADS Inc booth, #20415. WeaponLogic is also available for Unit and Agency orders through ADS Inc.


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  1. Nicholas says:

    Awesome, I remember reading the solicitation on one of the .gov sites for the grip round counter and thought it was an awesome idea, because (excluding magazine issues) every weapon parts failure I’ve seen except one (CLP Mk19: metal burring, finish issues, etc) was something that could have been prevented with this device and a regular parts repair schedule.

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