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SIG Media Range Day – New for 2017; P320X5, P320 VTAC & USA Made P210


Available in February is the new P320X5 which is packed with bells and whistles.

The P320X5 features a redesigned grip with modular magwell. As you can see, there is a slight finger groove undercut and beaver tail. The magwell accepts a removable 35.5 oz weight. The slide release has also been slightly extended but not out beyond the width of the grip.

The flat trigger breaks at 90 degrees.

The 5″ slide incorporates lightening cuts along the top.

The P320X5 features a Dawson sight with an adjustable rear. Additionally, the rear sight is mounted to a removable plate which accepts the SIG Optics Romeo1.


This is the P320 VTAC. As the name implies, it was developed with Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics.

Based on the new P320X series, the VTAC model has a full length FDE colored slide, but carry length dust cover. The lightening cuts are at the side of the slide.

This model also incorporates VTAC sights with Fiber Optic at the top and Tritium below.


Additionally, SIG showed us their Made in USA variant of the classic P210. Long a collectible, and expensive pistol due to its German manufacture, the P210 is well known for its fine trigger. This new model has a shorter barrel than the classic version and a couple of control features from the target model.



18 Responses to “SIG Media Range Day – New for 2017; P320X5, P320 VTAC & USA Made P210”

  1. Gerard says:

    The American made 210 is interesting as long as it’s offered with more practical grips. I’ve always wanted to own a 210

  2. SamHill says:

    My 320C has been fantastic, approaching 8,000 rounds. I like that they are expanding the line, and wouldn’t mind taking a look at that 320×5 for competitions.

    • Gerard says:

      The 320×5 is a perfect carry gun, with the weight attached you dont need ammo just use it as a bludgeon.

      • 1 With A Bullet says:

        No doubt! A 35.5oz weight? Thank goodness it’s removable.

        Joking aside, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the competition version of the P320. I’m glad it’s coming out.

      • El Mac says:

        Or you could go to the gym occasionally, maybe. Because fitness.

  3. Tom says:

    >> The magwell accepts a removable 35.5 oz weight.

    What, in lieu of a magazine?

  4. AmSen says:

    the more I look at that bastardization the more it angers me. good job USA, we can barely copy a functioning AK, what makes us think we can copy a Swiss target pistol properly.screw exeter sig and there BS quality

  5. AmSen says:

    The more I look at that bastardization the more it angers me. good job USA, we can barely copy a functioning AK, what makes us think we can copy a Swiss target pistol properly. Screw exeter sig and their BS quality

  6. Eve says:

    No bias intended but… if you can, get the Swiss-made original version…

    Best Regards from Switzerland 😉

  7. Tom Batsios says:

    I own 4 Sigs. This one you can have. Some of us buy looks as well as quality. That is why we don’t buy Glocks. Please get back to the Sig look. I have the P250 (40 S&W subcompact and .45 ACP Compact), 2022 in 40 S&W and the P938. I am looking at the 938. This one reminds me od a EAA.

  8. Marcus says:

    Hopefully the VTAC version comes in a 10 round version for people behind communist lines. Because like most things SGM Lamb does it pushes the boundaries of perfection, and I’m in.

  9. Bill says:

    I wonder if the X5 grip frame will be available for retrofitting older guns.

    I want to show up for work one day carrying a P210 just to watch the Chief’s head explode, and because it’s a P210.

  10. Rem870 says:

    Interesting VTAC day/night sights. It would be great to have such sights on my home defense shotgun.

  11. Ryan says:

    Much was made of the trigger in what was then called the P320 Target during last year’s show. I’ve seen little regarding the trigger in this (unfortunately named) X-5 other than it has a flat face, breaks at 90 degrees and around 5 pounds. Wondering if it’s still the Grayguns-like variant touted last year or something notably different. One of last year’s prototypes also had an adjustable overtravel stop that I don’t notice in the finalized X-5.

  12. Chris says:


    i don´t like all these bling-bling Variants, regardless if they are named “Elite” “Legion” or something else. I want no-nonsense high reliability guns for defense and duty. Not 100 variants of one gun, for every taste out there, just to milk the last weird customers taste. Please SIG Sauer, remember your roots!

  13. MidGasFan says:

    I think that’s a typo on the grip weight insert. 35.5oz… How could two+ pounds of material fit in the grip?! Guessing that should have been 3.5oz,

    I watched a vid online of the Sig Product Manager discussing the P320X5 and he said the weight is “about 4oz”.

    Pretty good looking gun and the removable magwell is pretty cool. Comes with four 21 round 9mm 140mm mags or four 18 round .40 140mm mags. Finally someone other than Glock gets the mag thing.

    I do agree with all the color options. They are not for me but I can tell you, people are buying them and Sig is doing a good job going after those that like bling.

  14. Skyviking says:

    P320 X-series?? I’ll take one of each…