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SHOT Show Media Day – Hudson H9


The Hudson H9 was the talk of this year’s Media Day at the Range. For those of you who aren’t in the know, the H9 is the first production weapon from Texas-based Hudson Manufacturing. It’s an all-steel 9mm pistol that features a striker-fire action and takes plenty of inspiration from the 1911 platform.


Hudson went over multiple iterations of the H9 over a period of 3 years before finalizing on the current design, which includes a machined full-steel frame and slide, low bore axis, and G10 VZ Grips.


Our range time with the H9 was unfortunately short; 5 rounds short. Even so, our initial impression was (mostly) a positive one. The trigger is very good with short travel and a smooth reset. Muzzle flip is a bit less pronounced thanks to the low bore axis, with the weight (34 oz. unloaded) further contributing to the reduction in recoil. Throw in the clear, defined irons and you have a very accurate sidearm.


The ‘mostly’ in the above paragraph stems from two failures-to-feed that occurred when another of our staffers fired the gun earlier in the day. The attendant pointed out that the magazines are still prototypes, so the issue could have been because of that.

Finally, there is the elephant in the room to address, the MSRP, which is about $1200. The H9 is definitely a well-designed and great-shooting pistol, but 12 bills can be considered a pretty high price for what can accurately be described as a double-stack striker-fired 9mm. Ultimately, it’s up to the market to decide when the H9 releases later this year.

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19 Responses to “SHOT Show Media Day – Hudson H9”

  1. WTL says:

    Cue up my disappointment when I figured out that fat front end did not contain an integrated weapon light 🙁

  2. Thulsa Doom says:

    Is the bulk forward of the trigger guard a “future growth” cavity for lights or lasers? Otherwise, it makes little aesthetic or design sense.

    • Weaver says:

      It is where the dual recoil springs are located, similar to in a 1911 (but without the slide extension beyond the frame in a full-size Government Model).

      • David says:

        The novel, low profile delayed blowback recoil system sits in front of the trigger guard. Look up EP2350550 B9 for details including patent drawings.

  3. Thulsa Doom says:

    Either be well capitalized or join the Bren Ten on the footnotes of handgun history becuase at pricepoint that’d get you a 226 plus a Glock or three Glocks, it’s going to have a rather limited market. “Miami Vice” is no longer around to be a product placement showcase.

    • Mike S says:

      Did you forget there are several dozen gun rags that will hold this pistol out to be the best thing since Costco Bacon…

  4. Thulsa Doom says:

    Hudson either be well capitalized or steeled to join the Bren Ten on the footnotes of handgun history becuase at pricepoint that’d get you a 226 plus a Glock or three Glocks, it’s going to have a rather limited market. “Miami Vice” is no longer around to be a product placement showcase.

  5. Abu Amiri says:

    SS, what’s the story on the front end? The price is definitely unpalatable.

  6. Kev says:

    Too many proven striker fires to pay $1200 to get some Instagram likes and be a beta tester.

  7. tremis says:

    MSRP on a a SIG and a Glocks is less than 1200 bucks? NO
    MSRP on 3 glocks is less than 1200 bucks? NO

    Disingenuous reply’s at best.

    Since I paid 0 for my glocks does than mean I get to say “a million glocks for less than a single H9”? Or should I just compare MSRP to MSRP?

    • Yawnz says:

      Where do you live? Glock MSRP is between $500 and $600.

    • Sean says:

      Gary, I don’t know what the pricing for glocks are in PA, but all the prices I’ve seen outside of CA usually under $600. Hell, my Vickers G19 with CA pricing came to around 650 I think. This is an absurd price for a pretty boring pistol.

      But I mean, who doesnt want an unreliable striker fired 9mm wannabe 1911 for over $1000?

    • Thulsa Doom says:

      Most folks buying Glocks as work guns take advantage of LE/Mil pricing.

      Additionally, departmental pricing is usuall about 2/3ds of what Joe Gun Enthusiast pays at Gunz N Fish Big Box or Conspiracy Corner Gunz.

      MSRP is not a reliable metric. MAP is better metric.

  8. BillC says:

    An all steel striker fired kinda 1911 for 12 $100’s that is fugly? Hahaha.

  9. Marcus says:

    I’m always game for a new entry. But the FTF is probably most disconcerting.

  10. Brian says:

    I think credit should be given for thinking outside the “norm” on this design even though the concept itself is not necessary “new”. As for the price I have seen some youtube videos quoting MSRP at $1000, which is better but still around a similar price range for metal framed production guns, especially made in the USA. However like anything new, I would like see some long term durability and adverse condition testing before drawing a final conclusion.

  11. Dellis says:

    I have showed this Hudson to friends who also shoot and they are mixed on the looks but all cringe with a frown when told the suggested cost.

    No way that gun will sell well at that price, they say. They argue a Sig Legion can be had for 1k, less used and it’s a handgun worth the money.

    I personally would have interest in the high $600 range. Then who is gonna make holsters for the Hudson?

  12. I’m really excited for the H9, as I’ve always wanted a striker pistol with a sliding 1911 trigger. This is also one of the few genuinely “new” designs to come out of SHOT this year.

    The price frankly is reasonable for an all steel handgun based on a new design and made by a small company.

    To expect that it’s going to be cost competitive with a 36 year injection moulded handgun made by one of the largest firearms companies in the world is pretty ridiculous imo. It’s like expecting that a custom suit from a small tailor is going to be price competitive with an off the rack from Men’s Warehouse.

  13. Stephen says:

    How about Turkey’s CANIK. It’s trigger is quite impressive being striker fired and the $350 price point is just plain hard to beat, might give some interesting competition to the big names as it gets out there more! The price point though on the Hudson might ground it before it can even take off…