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SHOT Show 17 – Colt M16A1 Reissue


Colt has this M16A1 Reissue rifle at their booth under the new products display. The reissue is built to the same specifications as the original M16A1, from the flash hider to the 20″ barrel to the receiver marks, and even has a 1:12 twist rate and a 20-round mag. Of course, it’s in a civilian-legal semi-auto configuration, but the law’s the law. The MSRP, coming in at $2500, is a bit on the high end, but if you’re looking for a functional M16 repro, getting one from the original manufacturer can be an attractive prospect.


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9 Responses to “SHOT Show 17 – Colt M16A1 Reissue”

  1. Bob says:

    If it were ~$1200, all day long.

    $2500? Get bent.

    • madman says:

      Right?! the price is bull.

    • Stephen says:

      these wont be selling for that price point and if they do, you must be a real purist! buy a pre-ban if you want to spend that much because maybe then you can sell it for more some day but these… mmmmm no… the most basic rifle from the original mfg cant make these cheaper? bust out that old tooling colt and save people dollars cause why would someone spend premium rifle money for the most basic platform there is? Because it has a pony on it??? I don’t see the value other than you can buy an original colt sp1 again from colt. Hi five!!!!!!!!!!

    • HSR47 says:


      I looked up dealer pricing today, and they’re definitely smoking crack if they think that they’re going to sell many of them at that price point.

      Dealer pricing is high enough that I expect them to actually retail pretty damned close to MSRP. At that, the dealer isn’t making anything close to a good margin on it.

  2. darrel says:

    Looks like they got most, if not all of the small details right, but holy mackerel that price tag. Their timing is impeccable, right when the M16A1 surplus kits are drying up and genuine furniture is in high demand by repro builders.

  3. Gerard says:

    Colt math, take the actually price of a weapon and double it

  4. SamHill says:

    Colt is cool and I have one, but that’s way high. I’d take a DD or BCM and almost a silencer or an acog for that.

  5. Sgt. Y. says:

    There will be those interested in buying it and stashing in a safe somewhere, for a lookie what I got gun. And the few that actually shoot there’s, with the 1:12 twist better be light ammo because green tip will not go through it very well. Like myself I had to build my retro styled AR and did a lot of scrounging. You have companies like NoDak Spud making reproduction parts kits, as well as repro lower receivers, but missing the triangular fore guards.

    My interest in on the parts side, especially the coveted triangular fore guard, waiting to see them in the inventory. I expect them to be outrageous too.