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SHOT Show – Grey Ghost Gear

The Super Dave GT Sling from Grey Ghost Gear is wicked light at 2.2 oz. It’s also swoopy, what with the laser cut holes to cut the air while you bring your gun to bear. Additionally, they’ve incorporated Velcro in order to accept nametags or your favorite moral patch.

Available now in Blaxk and Coyote. Also available without the aerodynamic laser cut holes for you squares who don’t want to look cool. In case you can’t tell, I like the version with the holes.



2 Responses to “SHOT Show – Grey Ghost Gear”

  1. Was expecting a larger price jump given most of their stuff is made overseas, not bad at all. Good item to try and see how raw hypalon (if we’re still calling it that) holds up when hanging weight when it’s cut so thin. Be interesting to see a version with the shoulder pad layers laminated together and the holes cut right the way through for a super light/ventilated edition.

  2. Lone Element says:

    Oh, super cool! An ultra light weight hypalon based sling,I don’t know where I have ever seen this before.. about the only original thing you did Dave was laser skeletonize it… #dontsupportparasiticproducts