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SHOT Show 17 – S&W Performance Center Shield 45


S&W revealed the new Performance Center Shield 45 at this year’s SHOT. The PC 45 Shield shares the same rough grip texture as the standard model, and features factory ported barrel and slide, and high visibility sights like the earlier 9 and 40 shield PC models. The PC 45 Shield is being offered both with and without a thumb safety.


The 45 Shield PC is also being offered with tritium night sights in lieu of the high visibility contrast sights. Both models come with 1 extended 7-round magazine, and one flush fit 6-round magazine.

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One Response to “SHOT Show 17 – S&W Performance Center Shield 45”

  1. Stephen says:

    ported barrel on a carry/defense gun makes zero sense, especially at night, you’re going to blind yourself by that huge fireball.