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Fort Benning TV Presents – Shooter’s Corner: Barricades

Part One

SSG Andrew McElroy of the Army Marksmanship Unit discusses proper techniqiue when shooting from barricades.

Part Two

The AMU’s SSG Luis Saucedo and SFC Christopher Toepfer demonstrate proper technique for approaching and shooting from barricades in the standing and kneeling positions.

11 Responses to “Fort Benning TV Presents – Shooter’s Corner: Barricades”

  1. DSM says:

    It’s a minor rub, if this was intended for generic competition like 3-gun then no problem. In my most humble opinion, I wish the AMU would at least do the demonstrations with issued gear and weapons.

    • Dude says:

      Would it matter? The basic concepts transfer over regardless of the kit being worn or modifications to the rifle.

      • DSM says:

        No, not particularly, that’s why I said it’s a minor rub. Since it’s a TTP its just fundamentals. A carbine with the usual claptrap hanging off it could be addressed as a matter of special concern.
        As an instructor you teach with the equipment being used. I can pick up a PVS-4 and explain how an M3A works and you’ll get the gist, or, would it be better to use an M3A?

      • Rog says:

        I think the issued weapon argument is fair. Having a free-float rail and a a non free-float makes a difference when you brace a barrel on a barrier like that. Maybe a bit of explanation on that part would ensure better understanding to the masses.

        I like what AMU is doing though. Trying to slay sacred cows one at a time.

  2. Barf from Spaceballs says:

    Failure to adhere to Army standard of wearing everything on the CIF Record when shooting at the range.

  3. Captain 'Merica says:

    I think some of you insider types fail to realize the general public’s awareness of the AMU is primarily through competition like 3-gun. Unfortunately on that front, the reload in the second video was especially hard to watch even though it is largely administrative/demonstrative. Sheesh.

  4. S1 says:

    Why do guys pull empty magazines out of the gun? Let gravity do the work.

  5. Vince says:

    Yeah, I can think of a few situations that it doesn’t work like that. Sometimes you have to play it as it lays. As the master of your tool, you have to make it do what what you want, not the other way around.