If Only…The Magpul Masada


21 Responses to “If Only…The Magpul Masada”

  1. Pat says:

    Lessons learned….

  2. jack says:

    Thanks for nothing Remington. I swear to this day the intentionally sunk the Masada. Even if they didn’t were too incompetent to actually follow through.

    Magpul- There has to be a case here to either pull the ACR from them or just say screw it and give the REAL Masada to someone that gives a shit and can actually deliver you vision.

  3. Adam says:

    We were all so close to greatness. I believe Magpul still owns the rights to the Massoud. There might still be hope, just in .308…

  4. DSM says:

    Yep, RIP to the Masada. I was excited for it as-is from handling the prototype ten years ago. If it would’ve stayed that way they’d have been fine.

    What “improvements” they did to it to bring about the ACR sunk it, not to mention the total lack of product support. And then they had competing companies with Bushy and Remington and a lucky man you were indeed to score the Remmy parts because you suck and they hate you. Your money doesn’t spend there. So much so that customers were literally developing their own gear and turning their own barrels.
    I guess I did see they finally released a barrel for it. So that brings its so called adaptiveness to two. Two. Amazing considering it uses an AR barrel, if only those were more prolific in this country. Any chance of that AK lower? I know that’d require an extra barrel or two. The horror!

    Magpul, you’re not the company you were in 2007. Your products dominate this market with almost blind loyalty. You release the Masada we saw back then, call it the heritage addition I don’t care, and you will carve out an even bigger chunk of the market. After that we can all talk about the Massoud.

  5. Gerard says:

    It was an interesting idea but today America’s rifle is the AR.

  6. jbgleason says:

    My buddy worked at Remington at the time and was involved on this project team. He sent me a prototype ACR and asked for my thoughts. I sent a seventeen item list of issues / solutions that included everything from the too short charging handle that caused the fingers to run against the sharp edge of the top rail to a couple of paragraphs on why their dual company Bushy – Remington marketing plan was a bad idea.

    They adopted exactly zero of my suggestions. So at least I can look in the mirror knowing that the colossal failure of the ACR isn’t my fault.

    • DSM says:

      Who the fellow was that said, “Yeah, a fixed stock that no one has ever seen and a 1×9 mid length M4 barrel are exactly what the customers want!” needs to have a kickstarter for both a vasectomy and a lobotomy.

      RUMINT was that S&W approached Magpul at or right after SHOT ’07 about it. They were getting their M&P rifle line up and running at the time but Magpul wasn’t ready saying they wanted to tweak the design a little. S&W goes on to make their money with ARs and in walked Freedom Group who went on to destroy the momentum.

      Is that Hitler video still around from when they released the ACR? That thing was hilarious and summed up everyone’s feelings who was waiting on the Masada.

  7. Jack says:

    The stock was the best thing to come out of the debacle. I’d be interested to see the numbers of ACR stocks on not actual ACRs vs SCARs, XCRs, FALs, Etc

  8. James says:

    If the NFA goes away maybe we can get the PDW, chamber it in 6×35 and you got mags and guns both to sell!

  9. MichaelS says:

    Ugh the sadness at what system could have been and what was done with and to it. Lots of innovation at a promised low price point, then nothing like that. Magpul, please farm out the 308 to a group who would care about it and get it to market as envisioned.

  10. John Smith says:

    Should never have named it after an inspirational defeat.

  11. Shayne says:

    What do you expect from a company that is run by bankers. Does anyone associate any of the Freedom Group brands with quality anymore?


    • Stephen says:

      I think after the new RP9 Remington release I think its safe to say people will associate the name with junk! Not to mention their craptastic ammo nobody I know will use. Who the hell in the right mind would let freedom group develop this is beyond me, after no support, bushy and remmy making 2 different versions with improvements not available to all? The plug should have been pulled, the fact that it took up to this year just to offer 5.56 1:7 conversion barrels is laughable at best (yeah everybody wants 1:9 barrels didn’t ya know!), I hope freedom group tanks soon here so we all can be saved from their bs. oh did I mention customer service sucks balls? yeah try calling cs and get spares, but wait, better have a part number handy cause otherwise they don’t know what the hell your talking about, and be prepared to wait and wait and wait and then oops get disconnected, better wait another hour or 2 or 3… Magpul could change the design slightly and re-market it with a cult following.

  12. J D says:

    FMG-9 while we’re at it -Please?!

    Recreational AND PCC markets have grown, maybe doubled since the concept was shown.

  13. AbnMedOps says:

    Looks like the design concepts most of us have been sketching since we were 16 years old. We’ve been rehashing and making tiny, incremental, almost inconsequential, improvements to an essentially mature technology for decades now.

    I am SO ready to see the next great evolutionary leap; beyond metallic cases, beyond plastic cases, beyond caseless cartridges…beyond chemically propelled projectiles even. Let us boldly go beyond beyond! (and make sure it has a bayonet lug!)

  14. cy says:

    Is it the Tucker of the gun world? Too much, too soon!

  15. Disco says:

    Just re-release the AR-180!!

  16. Arminius says:

    That image was my computer screen for a long time.

  17. Sofic says:

    Project Detroit