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Blue Can Training Solutions

Blue Can Training Solutions is home to the Blue Can, a training tool for marking munitions training. The Blue Can, which simulates the size and length of a real suppressor, is a training replacement for an actual suppressor, so that the rifle is the same exact length in sims training as it would be in the real world. Universally mounts to any standard size muzzle brake or flash hider which accepts a suppressor. Blue Can Training Solutions philosophy is simple: Train the way you fight.

7 Responses to “Blue Can Training Solutions”

  1. John C says:

    So Im wondering why not just use a real suppressor? do those not work with UTM/Simunitions?

    • Cj says:

      Of all the major suppressor companies ive dealt with, none of them recommend running marking munitions (sims) through their suppressors. The rounds are full of a soap based paint substance and surrounded by plastic. These materials can get caught in and foul up the baffling inside the suppressor.

    • Reseremb says:

      One is for blanks and the other for simunition, right?

    • Cj says:

      Not quite. The link you posted is for a blank firing adapter which has nothing to do with marking munitions. Blue is the industry standard color for marking munitions training. Also, that blank firing adapter mounts only to surefire brakes/hiders. This product is universal to any standard size brake/hider which accepts a suppressor.

    • Default.mp3 says:

      Technically, the one you want is this one:

      I believe the name from Surefire is SF-TRAINER-556.

      • 375reply says:

        Still requires the use of a surefire flash suppressor for adaption, where the blue can had a quick adapter that works with multiple systems from what I’ve been told. Diversity, price and durability are the things we look for.