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Prometheus Design Werx – Odyssey Cargo Pant 5050RS

Uncompromising, Feature Rich, Cargo Utility Pant, Built in the USA

Prometheus Design Werx debuts their new Odyssey Cargo Pant 5050RS. A feature rich, pure, purpose driven, utility design, using tried and true USA MILSPEC 50/50 cotton/nylon ripstop fabric. Design for Adventure. Made in the USA. Built for remote, mysterious and dangerous places. Each feature and detail serves a purpose. Their industrial work wear grade construction methods use heavy duty nylon thread, triple needle stitching on major seams, and more bar-tacks to reinforce stress points than probably any other pant being made today. These are dedicated utility cargo pants with intelligently designed functional details for year round use in the field, wilderness, overlanding and down range.

The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“These cargo pants have their DNA born from the first styles of combat utility pants made for British, and American Paratroopers from WWII. The 50/50 cotton/nylon ripstop fabric is probably one of the most tested, worn, and proven utility fabrics used in the field in a multitude of conditions and environments. Our cargo pant follows a tradition of form follows function design, inherently posses purpose driven styling, are characterized by ruggedness, durability, a high level of comfort, best in class US production quality. These pants are built with 20 years of performance apparel design experience behind them, and feedback from some of the world’s most demanding users who have been in some of the wildest and most dangerous places on our planet. No corners were cut or short cuts taken in building these pants. There are numerous solid options available on the market from other domestic to offshore manufacturers, but if a discriminating user is looking for a top tier US made cargo pant using US MILSPEC materials with intelligently designed features, this is a product from our brand that we are proud to offer. These aren’t made for shopping malls or the local hipster pub, these are utility pants made for the field, for adventure, for utility and for some of our customers, in far away locations few people have heard of in high risk conditions. Every single component, fabric and piece of hardware in these pants is custom made to meet our requirements and specifications.”

50/50 cotton ripstop, pre-shrunk less than 1-2% shrinkage

Updated regular utility fit

Low profile shaped gusseted cargo pockets, with our unique 3-point flap closures
Internal cargo pocket organizers
Dedicated EDC tool pockets for today’s folding knives, multi-tools, and flashlights
Hide-away pocket by rear waistband for spare cuff key, cash, etc
Horizontal hand pockets inspired from work wear, which allow user access even while wearing pack, 1st line or tool belts
Coin trap or small folder pocket inside main hand pockets
Custom no-twist delta-ring hardware
Custom no-loss parasmock type slotted buttons
YKK Vislon nylon tooth zipper
Diamond double seat reinforcement
Diamond shaped gusset for extra mobility
Loop swatches on each cargo pocket for cat eyes or mini morale patches
Double, triple needle and bar tack reinforcement construction throughout
Double reinforced rear legs cuffs

Made In:
California, USA

Available in the following colors:
Dark Arid Earth, Machine Mineral Gray and Dark Leaf Green.

The PDW Odyssey Cargo Pant 5050RS is available for purchase via prometheusdesignwerx.com.


4 Responses to “Prometheus Design Werx – Odyssey Cargo Pant 5050RS”

  1. Baldwin says:

    These appear to be great pants. However, two of my personal pet peeves are perpetrated yet again. First of all, $100+ pants without any built in stretch. Most of us will eventually have to bend, run, step high, squat, etc. The second pet peeve is the pockets placed in the front directly over the lower abdomen and leg bend area. Sitting and squatting, or taking a knee will render those pockets unusable. Items in those pockets cannot be removed and items cannot be placed in the collapsed pockets. And if you don’t use those pockets due to the listed shortcomings, not to mention duplicating already existing pockets behind the offending additional pockets, then you still have excess cloth in an already hot, moist area of the body trapping even more heat and moisture. Form should follow function.

    • SSD says:

      The thing about Pants is, as long as they are properly designed, you don’t need mechanical stretch. I learned that many years ago from a guy who knew what he was talking about.

  2. Strike-Hold says:

    Generally speaking; you can have stretch or you can have ruggedness, but not both. And as SSD said, a pair of pants that are properly built will move with you and won’t ‘need’ stretch in order to fit right.

    As for the front pockets – I used to agree with you, then I found that they were the perfect stash point for items that I didn’t need to be able to access to on any kind of regular or critical basis. Things like car keys, loose change, spare batteries, small first aid kit, etc. are perfect for those spots – leaving the slash pockets free to be used as Air Force Gloves.

  3. demure says:

    Just received my pair, and put them on. If you like TAD’s pants, you will automatically love these (I mean, Ma did make both).

    Ten minute review:
    * There are only two dividers per cargo pocket, unlike TAD’s three (where one is shorter)
    * The front pockets are deeper.
    * My Nexus 5p fits all the way in with about an inch to spare. (my phone is considered a small phone these days, despite how large it is)
    * On TAD’s pants, it sticks out ~1/2 inch.
    * The EDC/knife pockets are on top of the hand pockets. So far I like them
    * The direction you put your hands into the hands pocket is a bit odd — straight down.
    * I find it harder to put my hands in than a TAD pair.
    * The cat eye Velcro is larger than on the TAD pair.
    * I would say it’s ^2 bigger.
    * Only the cargo pockets have Velcro.
    * Everything else (like length, blouse straps, knee pads, etc) seems comparable to the TAD pants.