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IWA – Two New Patterns Join PenCott Camo Family Of Patterns: Wildwood And MetroPolis

Helikon-Tex (Hall 9, Stand #222) is exhibiting two new Camo patterns in Hyde Definition’s PenCott family of camouflage patterns; Wildwood and Metropolis.




Wildwood was developed at the request of Polish Special Forces, through a deep collaboration between Hyde Definition and Helikon-Tex. It is optimized for the moderate climate woodland areas of Central and Eastern Europe and was created by adjusting the tonal values of GreenZone by adding more brown shades, and de-saturating the bright green.




The result of 5 years of development effort, MetroPolis is optimized for industrial / built-up environments, and low-light / night operations. The overall tone of MetroPolis is lighter than many other ‘urban’ patterns because lighter colors darken in low light levels, but still maintain disruption and blending performance. Patterns which use predominantly dark colors tend to ‘blob out’ under low light conditions, which lessens their performance. The unique color palette of MetroPolis was derived from an extensive analysis of scientific research by NATO and the US military forces.


4 Responses to “IWA – Two New Patterns Join PenCott Camo Family Of Patterns: Wildwood And MetroPolis”

  1. Kemp says:

    Wildwood looks spot on for it’s intended environment. Impressive.

  2. Kris says:

    I love the pencott family of patterns. It surprises me that they are not more popular. I’m happy to see they are still innovating new color plates

  3. Woody Dixon says:

    Metropolis looks like it would be good in rocky alpine environment as well.

  4. Dellis says:

    The Pencott is a great lookin camo, I just have no use for it sadly. I may just get some though cause I like the look so much