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Hodge 12.5″ Uppers?

He never ceases to surprise me.  I just saw Hodge last weekend and he never mentioned it.  


9 Responses to “Hodge 12.5″ Uppers?”

  1. Alex says:

    Hodge gonna be making the new Yeezy uppers soon too #somuchhype #unicornguns

  2. Kev says:


  3. fritz bousigschouer says:

    ban the atf. reapeal the nfa. save your money and no paperwork

  4. Jim says:

    I enjoy their ads as much as their products; am I the only one who used his mom’s S&H Green stamps to get camping gear?

  5. dan187 says:

    I am pretty sure Hodge Defense spends more time making cool posters than guns.

  6. Ed says:


  7. Jon says:

    I love their “old school” ads, make me smile every time.