IWA – Direct Action Sniper Panel

The Sniper Panel uses the standard zippers on Direct Action’s Hurricane and Tempest chest rigs to move the sides of the rigs further out leaving a flat surface at the center of the chest in order to get a comfortable prone shooting profile. Additionally, the shoulder straps mount directly to the panel for comfortable wear. The panel includes a zipperd compartment for the storage of flat items.


3 Responses to “IWA – Direct Action Sniper Panel”

  1. Strike-Hold says:

    I’ve been waiting for them to release that for a long time. Its great to see the way it turned out, looks like a very handy little pocket / admin pouch and I reckon it adds a nice bit of additional capability for scouts, snipers, team/squad leaders, and even just ordinary grunts too.

    Can’t wait to get that set up. 🙂

  2. NCO says:

    Great for stalking and long term OP work. Pretty innovative.

  3. Good to see it keeps the shoulder straps centred, stop them slipping off those of us on the no-I-don’t-lift end of the scale.

    I imagine it might’ve been done at some point, but I’m surprised I’ve not seen this as a sort of ‘field’ mod on other types of split front chest rigs. Then again everyone’s been using armour carriers for the most part for a long time now I suppose.