Primary Arms Odyssey 2023

Join The MAWL Man Militia

For Christmas last year, BE Myers & Co., Inc sent out custom brick figures configured as MAWL Man to commemorate the launch of their weapon laser. Armed with a MAWL-DA on top of a suppressed MK18, MAWL Man also sports a pistol, knife, plate carrier and full loadout.

These proved so popular in social media that they decided to offer them for sale in order to raise funds for their favorite charity, SOC-F.

Get your MAWL Man from Weapon Outfitters and share photos of him in action by joining the MAWL Man Militia on Facebook.

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3 Responses to “Join The MAWL Man Militia”

  1. MidGasFan says:

    Awesome! That’s the only way I’ll be able to afford a MK18 and a MAWL at this point in time!

  2. Mission Spec says:

    Whenever we get a chance here at Mission Spec we like to chronicle the adventures of our own mini-SOF team. They are responsible for protecting all of our fabric and webbing assets at night. Follow our instagram to stay up to date with the mini-SOF.

  3. Jed Lofton says:

    Well I am going to have to get this just for my Lego collection.