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SPARTANAT – New from Lindnerhof Taktik 2017

Lindnerhof Taktik is one of Germany’s leading gear companies. Botth CEOs are former KSK operators. LHT gear is widely spread with German Special Forces and SWAT teams. Here are some new products for 2017.


The LowVis plate carrier is the minimalist version of a concealed vest and can be combined with a chest rig. It comes with a pocket which can be used for both, soft and hard armor. The inbuilt plate holder allows fixation of small hard armor plates. The rear section offers the opportunity to attach extra lengths of straps. Furthermore the Velcro surface can be covered, to prevent damaging the outerwear. The carrier can be used as well with the height-adjustable two-row waist belt as with a three-row belt.


Plattenträger VI. Generation: The sixth generation of the renowned plate carrier comes with three separately usable cable guides on the front. A storage compartment with a Velcro closing is located on the frontal collar region. The inbuilt plate holder allows fixation of small hard armor plates. Furthermore the slim rescue handles provide fast access in critical situations.


The First Responder pouch was designed to provide fast and straightforward first-response medical assistance. The lid features a small compartment for handling and affixing scissors using a 20 mm strap. Medical emergency equipment can be carried using the lower storage compartment. The removable waist belt offers the possibility to attach the pouch on plate carriers, vests and backpacks using clips, which are sold separately.   


Through PALS the small Abwurfsack/Dump pouch (single-row) is a very compact, reliable and easily mountable piece of gear. It can be used to safely stow empty magazines, medical waste and other quickly packed material.


This reliable Funkgerätetasche/Radio Pouch HL (universal) for transporting radios comes with two lateral elastic bands, which makes it very flexible. The closing mechanism features a cord and a quick-release buckle, offering the possibility to use the radio while inside the pouch.


The useful features of the Klettergurt/Harness-Set are focused on tactical use. Removable leg loops with quick-release buckles grant a maximum scope of action. Moreover the belt alone can be used with pants and makes it possible to attach holsters. The tie-in loop is made in accordance with norm EN 12277.

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8 Responses to “SPARTANAT – New from Lindnerhof Taktik 2017”

  1. tcba_joe says:

    Does anyone in America make a single row dump pouch like that? Otherwise I’m gonna need that one

  2. kit crazy says:

    Their main seller HQG does not ship to the US. Have fun getting Lindnerhof kit.

  3. jerry says:

    what about the firstpsear tubes those are definitely chinese knock offs right? Innovation is overrated these days I guess.

  4. Their Gen V/5 PC looked pretty good, nice internal layout with spacer mesh and pontoons (hello LBT, listen up) but pretty basic otherwise. Adding the ‘Tubes’ and a skeletal cummerbund definitely makes an appealing all around package. Think I’d have preferred the removable front flap as they had before vs the loop covered PALS to save on a little bit of bulk under a placard, but not the end of the world.