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The New Tacti-Cool Edelweiß Set-UP

Saturday, April 1st, 2023

LENGGRIES, GERMANY, and KOMENDA, SLOVENIA (1 April 2023) — Following on the heels of their successful joint participation at SHOT Show 2023in Las Vegas, U.S.A., UF PRO and Lindnerhof-Taktik have agreed to collaborate further on the creation of special, one-of-a-kind tactical-use products.The two brands say they are united by a shared drive for constant innovation, a love of detail, and a desire for greater creativity. This powerful combination has led UF PRO and Lindnerhof to bring to market a radically new concept, one that takes the product portfolios of both companies to a higher level.

Beginning Saturday, 1 April, the gates will fling open wide for pre-ordering the brands’ hot new tactical Edelweiss set-up consisting of UF PRO’sP-40 Tactical Lederhosenof UF PRO and Lindnerhof’s matching and adaptive Chest-Rig Harness Edelweiss BY732.

Said Armin Wagner, Head of Product Development at UF PRO, “Never settle for ordinary Lederhosen when you can experience the comfort, style, and adaptability of our P-40 Tactical Lederhosen, which features the innovative Waist/Flex System and scholler®-dynamic stretch material to ensure a comfortable fit for all your Oktoberfest adventures.”

However, the advantages of the P-40 Tactical Lederhosen don’t end there. Equipped with an array of pockets—including cash pockets for your expenses, a dedicated coaster pocket, and even pockets for pens and knives—these Lederhosen are the ideal companion for any unpredictable situation, Wagner contended. “And yes, they’re Knee-High-Socks-ready, so you can maintain that authentic Bavarian look without sacrificing practicality,” he added.

Jakob Kolbeck offered insights concerning the process by which the product was developed: “In the course of discussing the initial design concept, it was clear that we needed to come up with something that would enable our customers to stay tactically ‘cool’ during their free time—and also to allow us,as a Bavarian-based company, to include the look of our traditional Alpine costume.”

The Chest-Rig Edelweiß BX732 is classically designed but with softer padding and extra MOLLE/PALS slots and loops for carrying additional equipment (such as hydration tube guides, cable guides, and more). Moreover, users can personalize the Chest-Rig by means of MOLLE fixation with just a bit of adaptation to the traditional design and included center part.

Included with the Chest-Rig is the BY623 Multi-Purpose Pouch Edelweiß – a small,round multi-purpose bag that provides storage space for AirTags, beer tokens, coins, snus, and all other EDC items.

The Chest Rig also offers the necessary adaptation points for UF PRO’s XXXPants so that set-up users can enjoy additional safety, loss protection, freedom of movement,and above all, comfort in EVERY situation.

Kolbeck promised, “You will love wearing this combi—let’s call it tacti-cool or ED-R, meaning Every Day Ready! And not just for your trip to the world’s largest folk and beer festival.”

For more information about those products of each respective brand, please visit UF PRO’s website at ufpro.com and Lindnerhof’s webshop at hqg.de.

SPARTANAT: News from Lindnerhof Taktik – IWA 2019  

Friday, March 15th, 2019

Since the last IWA, Lindnerhof experienced twelve truly exciting months: new products were developed and proven products were optimized further. In perfect time for the IWA 2019, Lindnerhof presents the novelties in the product portfolio of the provider of tactical gear.

New flagship: the plate carrier 25 with quick-release system

The new plate carrier is the further development of the proven plate carrier of the VI generation and combines the models L1 Evo and H1 Evo. It is made of the reliable outer fabric Cordura 500. The most important novelty here is the downsizing of the quick release system in the shoulder straps from 40mm to 25mm. This provides more wearing comfort in the everyday use. In addition, the width of the sewn strap was reduced to 20mm. In this way it is possible to achieve a weight reduction of approximately 20%.

With the new model Lindnerhof responds to a customer’s request: the possibility to convert the plate carrier H1 Evo to a heavy protective vest and making it available also for classical plate carriers made of Cordura. Hanging the soft ballistics in the front and back is just as possible as adding shields for the neck and the upper arms.

As first of its kind, the new plate carrier comprises a reversible zip on its back. In this manner it is possible to attach various modular back panels, thus enabling the fast exchange of the panel, depending on the type of activity.

Quickly exchangeable: modular back panel

In conjunction with the new plate carrier, practiced users can attach the back panel within only five seconds.


Thanks to the individual configuration, it is possible to quickly and appropriately react to the different tasks. The upper opening allows the take-up of a breaching tool. The fold-out extension allows the take-up of a bolt cutter.

Available again: Double magazine pouch G36, attachable with Velcro

Because of the continuous high customer demand last year, the double magazine pouch attachable with Velcro is available again. The pouch has the advantage that it is possible to transport additional magazines without having to use up the MOLLE surfaces at the plate carriers or the vest. This ensures enough space for bags and other equipment.

The pouch can be attached in the conventional way in the front or rear lower area of the plate carrier. At the sides, two G36 magazines can be introduced. A rubber with puller serves as safety mechanism. The laterally provided rubber woven band serves for compression in case of non-use.

More space thanks to Velcro: Diagonal multi-purpose pouch, attachable with Velcro
The advantages of the double magazine pouch with Velcro back were also used in another novelty. The diagonal multi-purpose pouch attachable with Velcro can particularly be attached at the front in the lower area of the plate carrier, which enables simple access to the pouch – even without looking.

By means of a zipper extending across the entire width, the pouch is opened and offers enough space for various parts of equipment and operating resources. At the contact surface of the inside, a large fleecy surface is provided, which facilitates both the affixing of equipment by means of Velcro panels as well as the organization of equipment and the targeted access. In addition, the outside is compatible with Velcro patches that can be affixed for identification tags. A discharge eyelet prevents that fluids collect in the bag.

Mature concept: Weapon fixation straps with hooks

The new fixation strap for long firearms went through a long development process and an extensive testing phase. As a small supporting piece of equipment in the overall structure of tactical gear, however, it comprises very innovative novelties.

Contrary to its predecessor, the new version can be operated with only one hand. A buckle closure is provided at the end for a strong connection.

At the other end a small ball is provided, which Lindnerhof also refers to as “pineapple” and which – thanks to its characteristic form and grip – can be operated with gloves as well. In conjunction with a hook that is usually positioned at the front part of the plate carrier the strap can be opened and closed fast, one-handedly and without looking, which helps fixing or loosening the weapon easily. The ball was developed in such a manner that the bond is not loosened even in the event of extreme movements, such as jumping or crawling.

LINDNERHOF-TAKTIK GmbHwww.lindnerhof-taktik.de


SPARTANAT – New from Lindnerhof Taktik 2017

Friday, March 17th, 2017

Lindnerhof Taktik is one of Germany’s leading gear companies. Botth CEOs are former KSK operators. LHT gear is widely spread with German Special Forces and SWAT teams. Here are some new products for 2017.


The LowVis plate carrier is the minimalist version of a concealed vest and can be combined with a chest rig. It comes with a pocket which can be used for both, soft and hard armor. The inbuilt plate holder allows fixation of small hard armor plates. The rear section offers the opportunity to attach extra lengths of straps. Furthermore the Velcro surface can be covered, to prevent damaging the outerwear. The carrier can be used as well with the height-adjustable two-row waist belt as with a three-row belt.


Plattenträger VI. Generation: The sixth generation of the renowned plate carrier comes with three separately usable cable guides on the front. A storage compartment with a Velcro closing is located on the frontal collar region. The inbuilt plate holder allows fixation of small hard armor plates. Furthermore the slim rescue handles provide fast access in critical situations.


The First Responder pouch was designed to provide fast and straightforward first-response medical assistance. The lid features a small compartment for handling and affixing scissors using a 20 mm strap. Medical emergency equipment can be carried using the lower storage compartment. The removable waist belt offers the possibility to attach the pouch on plate carriers, vests and backpacks using clips, which are sold separately.   


Through PALS the small Abwurfsack/Dump pouch (single-row) is a very compact, reliable and easily mountable piece of gear. It can be used to safely stow empty magazines, medical waste and other quickly packed material.


This reliable Funkgerätetasche/Radio Pouch HL (universal) for transporting radios comes with two lateral elastic bands, which makes it very flexible. The closing mechanism features a cord and a quick-release buckle, offering the possibility to use the radio while inside the pouch.


The useful features of the Klettergurt/Harness-Set are focused on tactical use. Removable leg loops with quick-release buckles grant a maximum scope of action. Moreover the belt alone can be used with pants and makes it possible to attach holsters. The tie-in loop is made in accordance with norm EN 12277.

LINDNERHOF TAKTIK im Internet: www.lindnerhof-taktik.de
Shop HQG: www.hqg.de
SPARTANAT: www.spartanat.com

2016 Lindnerhof Taktik Catalog

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

I got to meet several new companies at the IWA Outdoor Classics in Nürnberg, Germany earlier this month. One of them was Lindnerhof Taktik which represents a couple of SSD favorites like Mystery Ranch, Arc’teryx and Salomon in Germany. They also offer their own line of products which can be seen in this digital catalog.  You’re going to see some very interesting items in there.


(Click on cover to read PDF.)