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Knight’s Armament Co Announces Adam Pini As Commercial Sales Manager

Knights Armament Co, a leading manufacturer of advanced weapon systems and Knight Vision technology built for the warfighter, law enforcement professional and commercial market, announced today Adam Pini will be joining the company as Commercial Sales Manager.


“I am honored to represent Knights Armament Co. This is the biggest opportunity of my lifetime,” Pini said. “I hope to help grow both the end user to KAC relationships along with strengthening the bonds of our Dealers and Distributors.”

Adam brings almost a decade of commercial sales knowledge and experience to KAC. Having worked from retail gun sales to various levels of sales positions in the industry, Adam understands the needs and requirements to build long lasting commercial relationships.

“This move is to show KAC’s commitment to our valued commercial customers,” Trey Knight said. “We intend to answer the demand that we see on a day in day out basis.”

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26 Responses to “Knight’s Armament Co Announces Adam Pini As Commercial Sales Manager”

  1. Steak TarTar says:

    Dude moves a lot

    • Joe says:

      Wasn’t he with RCS prior to this?

        • CWG says:

          And warsport before that, and American defense before that.

          He’s like the only resume farmer/four jobs a year guy who rates posts here. It’s weird.

          • Evan Childs says:

            People must like him because this dude shows up at a lot of places.

            I want to root for him since he’s clearly not trying to be something he’s not. I’m tired of the tatted up ‘operators’ that have never operated anything except the cash register at a gunstore in BFE. (I’m talking to you John Johnston). The gun industry has enough of those.

            So, good for him on what I guess is an upward move (but how the hell would i know.)

      • Chris says:

        WARSPORT. ADM. RCS. I think all within 3 years. I’m not sure why but I’m sure he has reasons. Or maybe he is so good he gets offered more and more money. Either way congrats?

      • Steve says:

        LVOA prior to RCS.

        American Defense Manufacturing prior to that.

        And LWRC prior to ADM.

        • HSR47 says:

          Targetmaster (a range in Chadd’s Ford, Pa) to LWRC, to ADM, to War Sport, to RCS, to KAC. It’s the sort of run that makes people wonder.

  2. J.W. says:

    The only way I could be happier for Adam is if he didn’t move so much further away from me 🙁

    Definitely became my best excuse to go visit Florida!

    Can’t wait to see what he does with the brand and see more KAC guns out there.

  3. ODG says:

    Congrats Adam! Best of luck Brother!

  4. Pat says:

    Congrats Adam!

  5. Matt says:

    Good on ya, B’dam!

  6. Marcus says:

    A tough job for a capable dude. Innovation is going to be a key success attribute in the next few years. But Adam could probably sell matches to the demons in hell.

    I wish him good luck.

  7. AttackBlue1 says:

    Congratulations Adam. Best wishes and good fortune at KAC in the years to come.

  8. Blackbeard says:

    Congrats, Adam! You will absolutely SMASH!

  9. Hank says:

    I give it 9 months

  10. A U says:

    Congrats Adam and Good Luck!

  11. Alex says:

    Congratulations Adam!

  12. rcbusmc24 says:

    Congratulations Adam from all your friends in Jacksonville NC!

  13. Rick Marx says:

    Unfortunately sales people are the most fired and hired people in the industry. Good people get chewed up and spit out on the daily in sales. If the sales person can’t work miracles they are often chucked to the wind. Hopefully KAC decides to take care of Adam. I know he’s had a lot of turn over lately and is just trying to find someone to take him in. Good luck adam !

  14. Todd Askins says:

    Congrats Adam!

  15. Jeff S says:

    Commercial Sales… KAC…


    I thought KAC commercial sales were pretty much an afterthought and really only happened with contract overruns?

  16. Shayne says:

    Commercial Sales + Knight’s Armament Co. = Oxymoron. So this guy is going to get people to buy an over-priced AR-15 that is priced so high that I would consider it a boutique gun for those that have more money then common sense. You know the type that get in the shooting lane next to you when the you are the only other person on the range and feel the need to tell you how much they paid for their gun then you did for you BCM and wonder why you look at them like they are an idiot.

    Ok Knight’s Armament Co. here is how to increase commercial sales, stop pricing like you have a monopoly on AR, you don’t. Release a pistol version on the SR635 chambered in a different round or start manufacturing 6×35 (get the cost of the round down).

    • S. says:

      Go back to TFB you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Shayne says:

        I really enjoyed how you pointed out the faults in my argument, lmao at you.

        • KevinB says:

          Anyone else have a 20k barrel and bolt?
          Free-float barrel
          Iron Sights
          Match trigger
          QD points and QD Swivels

          Many years ago when at KAC, I had to do a price justification for a Foreign Government on SR-16 and SR-15 carbines.
          They bought them, and bought more later.

          While KAC charges a premium, don’t mistake that it’s a rip off.