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Armageddon Gear – Hot Pocket


Armageddon Gear’s Hot Pocket a new suppressor accessory that has been in the works for some time. They got tired of waiting on their cans to cool down enough that they wouldn’t burn a gun case and did something about it. They came up with a zippered case that is lined with a thermomcontrol material. This is a great way to transport a can in general, with the pocket for the paperwork, too.


Available in two sizes; 7.5″ model fits cans up to 7.25″ in length and 10″ model fits suppressors up to 10.5″ in length. As always, the Hot Pocket is proudly made in the USA of Milspec materials and features the Armageddon Gear Lifetime Warranty.


8 Responses to “Armageddon Gear – Hot Pocket”

  1. PTMcCain says:


  2. Adam says:

    It’s a baby spare barrel bag. Great idea.

    • CWG says:

      Read my mind! I take my rifles to the range in eBay purchased bulldog bbl bags anyways but I could use this for a pistol can or bolt gun can.

  3. Lerch says:

    Not to be confused with the infamous Alabama Hot pocket!

  4. Non-operator says:

    Bonus points if the thermocontrol material is asbestos.

  5. Jeremy says:

    Neat! Now the most important question: How long will it keep a burrito warm for?

  6. Brad N says:

    I have been consistently impressed with Armageddon Gears ideas and construction. I CAN’T WAIT to try one of these.