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TYR Tuesday – PICO-DS Sniper Chest Rack


Introducing the TYR Tactical® PICO-DS Sniper Chest Rack. It is the first of many new PICO-DS accessories launching in 2017. They’re design provides true “Mission Adaptability” for the end user. The DSCR001 is built using our combat adjustable magazine design, enabling the wearer to run either (4) 5.56mm or 7.62mm magazines, (2) of any size pistol magazines, and two GP pouches. It was built to be worn as a stand-alone chest rack (with its removable H-Harness) or it can be attached to the PICO-DS Assaulters Plate Carrier via the Quick Attach Surface Mount (QASM) buckle system. This quick don and doff feature allows the wearer to rapidly transition between different mission sets.


• Medium General Purpose (GP) Pouch Dim: 4.5”H x 6.25”H x 1.25”D
• Small General Purpose (GP) Pouch Dim: 4.5”H x 3.25”H x 1.25”D
• Four Combat Adjustable Mag Pouches that conform to both the 5.56 and 7.62 magazines. They are secured internally with a rubberized contact-grip material when retention bungies are not in use.
• Two 9mm Pistol Mag Pouches. They are secured internally with a rubberized contact-grip material and magnets when retention bungies are not in use.
• Both GP Pouches have internally sewn Velcro® loop to secure items when stowed.
• MOLLE/PALS webbing on the H-Harness allows for the attachment of carabiners and other mission specific gear.
• High strength and abrasion resistant 4-way stretch Tweave is used on the gusset of the small GP pouch which allow it to expand when needed.
• Adjustable/Removable shoulder and waist straps
• 500-denier Cordura®

All of TYR’s products are 100% Berry Compliant. It’s not only manufactured in in the United States but so are all of the materials. Down to the last thread. Quality above quantity. They are proud to support the American workforce. More than a mantra, INNOVATE OR DIE®!


19 Responses to “TYR Tuesday – PICO-DS Sniper Chest Rack”

  1. Will says:

    Looks a lot like hsp d3cr heavy.

    • mike says:

      And the D3CR Heavy kind of reminds me of the Diamondback Low Vis Rack. This and D3CR are both adaptations of what came before them. They built on similar designs and concepts and made then better.

  2. Charles says:

    Tyr must not be that innovative if they have to copy a chest rig thats already been out for 2+ years. Blatant copy of the HSP D3 Heavy

    • Che Guevara's Open Chest Wound says:

      Yeah, but this one is called the “Sniper.” So, its like, totally different.

    • TYR Tactical says:

      If you know your history like Mike states above the design comes from a former DBT design that was all the way back from 2003/2004 time frame. What is considered “old school” to some. Pretty obvious the D3CR design that you are referencing came from that design that is now 13 years ago. One think you are missing is the combat adjustability of this which allows for both 556 and 762 mags to be utilized and adjusted.

      • kingof9x says:

        Does this one use rare earth magnets for retention? the HSP rig does and I think that might mess with the use of a compass.

      • Dellis says:

        Hello TYR, Although I am only a weekend citizen warrior I have some of your companies gear and clothing and find it top notch. Clothing I use at range and for outdoor ventures.

        My experience is very limited as I am not military but I notice an issue with these types of rigs is when prone doing a mag reach. Is it not possible to have a mag inserted horizontal, right or left on the rig?

        So say 3 on top and 1 or 2 to the side? Just an idea

      • mike says:


        Before you accuse one company of copying another you should do a little research first.

        Now I’m just waiting for some chucklehead to say TYR is copying old Diamondback designs 🙂

        • Charles says:

          There’s no doubt the design of chest rings has been around for a number of years and they all evolve from something. The DBT low vis rig looked nothing like these two being discussed. The blatantly obvious similarities points to the fact that it is basically a redesigned d3cr heavy. GP pouch sizes and location are fundamentally the same. 2 pistol pouches and 4 primary mag pouches. The D3 Heavy is also capable of carrying the smaller 5.56 M4/M16 magazine using the inserts HSP offers. Full field hook & loop on the back which both have. But this is the tactical nylon industry, nobody’s innovative anymore. Everyone’s just looking at other people’s products and figuring out how they can make it 3% different and maybe a little bit better.

      • Brian C says:

        And wasn’t the DBT LowVis one of Travis R (Mayflower’s) designs that he gave/licensed/ to DBT?

        • TYR Tactical says:

          Brian C. – We did have some of Travis R.’s designs but we also had 4-5 other versions that were designed internally.

  3. Martin Lambert says:

    That looks really nice. Sucks, because I’ve had a similar design in my head for a while and didn’t get around to it, but it looks really nice.

  4. BGB says:

    Please allow me to say this?I don’t see anyone saying TYR is similar to Mayflower/Velocity’s chest rig, right? Why is that?

    Maybe we keyboard commando do realize the difference between concept similarity and “look like”, or just because we are too stupid to even know Mayflower’s product.

    Also, I believe TYR has a product called “Gunfighter Belt”, right?Interesting, I owned a “Shooters Belt” from……you guys get the idea.

  5. mac21 says:

    I believe it’s widely accepted that Travis (Mayflower) was the pioneer of these adaptive/removable clips/multi-caliber designs. If Travis and the guys at Velocity/Mayflower don’t have a problem with guys building similar designs or improving on their old school ideas, why can’t we just be happy that we have options and good kit coming out of the competition?

    • MRC says:

      Imitation is the best form of flattery.

    • mike says:

      Actually the “adaptive/removable clip” part goes to Down Range Gear.

      • Jon, OPT says:

        No, it predates DRG, DRG was the first to (relatively) mass market the prefabricated clips for PALS vests that didn’t have them. The original concept goes to SOF team guys adapting chest rigs into body armor.

        Being the first to market an idea doesn’t make one the originator.

        Pockets on sleeves
        Water containers with tubes

      • Jon, OPT says:

        Post AD

        Pulls on mags
        Mags taped together

        Etc. All mods that led into product development.

        Being the first to sell something is entrepreneurship, and deserves it’s own reward, but innovation is driven by need within the force, and often happens on parallel lines in numerous places. Determining the actual point of derivation for this would be nearly impossible.

        But yes, DRG did greatly help drive this early on, and deserves credit where due.

        Caveat, I sell DRG, MRC/Velocity, and as much QASM placard items as possible.