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Spartanat – New Linderhof Taktik Plattenträger Gen VI

Plattentrager Gen VI 1

Linderhof Taktik is one of Germany’s leading gear manufacturers with strong ties into german special operation forces, Bundeswehr and police community. Now new: Plate carriers of the acclaimed sixth generation consist of a combination of hybrid laminate and Cordura. This combination, together with the quick-release system, makes for a reliable, lightweight and robust carrier system.

Plattentrager Gen VI 4

Integrated cable routing
Three Velcro cable retainers are located on the front part of the carrier, one on each side and one in the collar area. These can be used for the cables of communication devices and water hoses.

Plattentrager Gen VI 5

Velcro-attachable storage compartment
A closable storage compartment for small parts such as batteries, cable ties or snacks is located in the collar area of the front side.

Plattentrager Gen VI 6

Carrier for armour
Separate compartments are available for hard and soft armour. The dimensions of the pockets are geared to SAPI L-sized plates. Soft armour and shock absorbers used in the “Special Forces Multi-function Vest Set” fit easily into the carrier.

Caution: Soft armour from BSST as used in plate carriers of the previous generation can be used, but may not easily fit into the compartment provided.

Plattentrager Gen VI 2

Integrated plate fixation
Smaller plates such as SAPI M and NATO standard plates (25/30cm) can be accommodated with the aid of an integrated plate holder for hard armour.

Product Details
• Lightweight and robust
• Equipped with a quick-release system
• Front part with integrated cable fixation
• Velcro-attachable storage compartment
• Separate compartments for armour
• Integrated plate holder
• Skeleton waist belt
• Uniform size can be adjusted individually
• Manufactured in accordance with TL technical standards of the German Bundeswehr

HQG Im Internet: www.hqg.de
Linderhof Taktik im Internet: www.lindnerhof-taktik.de
SPARTANAT: www.spartanat.com

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12 Responses to “Spartanat – New Linderhof Taktik Plattenträger Gen VI”

  1. Wraith says:

    Aren’t these the same guys who’ve been bootlegging First Spear designs and patents?

  2. A Guest says:

    Does that come with the First Spear tubes or are those the Catheters, the tubes’ unlicensed cousin?

  3. Mohican says:

    Wow! That looks a licensed FS Tubes closure system, aren’t you?

  4. Big D says:

    Whoa, boys; I happen to know a little about these, as we at the Ranch work with Lindnerhof in Germany. The buckle is NOT a tube….It snaps together across its face. It comes in 3 sizes…that can interoperate. I will supply photos to show its operating principle later today.
    Lindnerhof is owned by a former SKS operator who has been creating better armor and pouch solutions for his homies and others on the east side of the Atlantic. Josef has one of the most original minds I have had the pleasure to jam with on gear that is meant to be used. What Mystery Ranch is to load carrying, Lindnerhof is to armor and pouches. Those who call their gear copies are just showing what they don’t know…so cut it out.

    • AGI says:

      Right. So their “Multi Caliber Pouch” isn’t a blatant unoriginal counterfeit of HSGI’s TACO pouch? C’mon.

      • Big D says:

        Actually, when you look at the molded pair of spacers that frame the edge of the pouch, its a substantial improvement. Did HSGI build a mag pouch with a bondage fetish first? Yup. So did they do anything to stake out that ground? No. Why? THEY WERE TO FREAKIN BUSY PURSUING OTHER GOOD IDEAS. Go HGSI! I have news….If you haven’t influenced others, you aren’t doing things that matter. If they copy you, shame on them. If they improve what you did substantially, well, dues are being paid.

    • Wraith says:

      Bootleggers. Shame on them

  5. Buscadero1 says:

    It would be great if the Germans would actually wear such equipment and fight Jihadi’s. So much for Europe. Ooops, I mean Eurabia.

    • tom says:

      best comment ever! both is true…

      cheers from europe

    • Natas Von Trommel says:

      Sad but true, can’t blame their soldiers though, they’ve had all their spirit conditioned out of them deliberately by their system. Today, the average German feels guilt in situations where the American would feel patriotism. (Flying ones flag as an example) post WWII their way of thinking (like ours) has been carefully calculated for a specific result. So they will never fight, they will never get out of line, and they will never stand as a German ever again. It’s just been conditioned out of them…and it will be out of us in a couple generations as well. Goebbels and his crew figured it out…control the text books, the images that kids see/use for imprints, and the teachers and you control the culture.