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Sorry Marines, You Are NOT Getting Suppressors

In May, we posted an article about developments surrounding the US Marine Corps’ M27 IAR and offered an update on their ongoing suppressor experimentation. The information in the article came from a briefing at the NDIA Armaments Symposium by Mr Chris Woodburn, Deputy, Maneuver Branch of the Marine Corps Capabilities Development Directorate who said that while squad experimentation was ongoing, the Marine Corps’ current priority was for Machine Gun Suppressors and not rifles.  

Not long after, the Marine Corps posted a video starring Gunner Christian Wade, the 2nd Marine Division’s Gunner, called “Gunner’s Fact or Fiction”, about how suppressors work and busting a myth or two in the process. It is very well done, but Gunner Wade, who has a commanding presence, said something right at the close of the video, causing it to go viral. Gunner Wade said, “And you’re gonna get one pretty soon,” referring to suppressors. Understandably, Marines and suppressor fans everywhere went nuts.

As great as Gunner Wade’s assertion sounds, this went completely against what had been put out just weeks before at the NDIA event. Consequently, we reached out to MARCORSYSCOM for clarification. In conjunction with MCCDD, they provided us with this statment.

“The information Mr. Woodburn provided at the NDIA Armaments Symposium in Fredericksburg, VA, is correct.”

If Mr Woodburn was correct, that means that Gunner Wade misspoke. We don’t think he did it intentionally, but it did result in a whole lot of misinformation.

They went on to clarify:

“Suppressors are an existing capability within the Marine Corps, currently used by Scout Snipers and Reconnaissance Marines; we are experimenting with suppressors for the infantry squads. Gunner Wade’s work in 2nd Marine Division is part of that experimentation. We do not have an active acquisition program in place; we are gathering information to feed the requirements and development process. At this time, we are not resourced to provide infantry squads with suppressors beyond the current experimentation.”

This makes it pretty clear. Never say never, but don’t hold your breath either. Marines aren’t getting suppressors, at least, anytime soon.

33 Responses to “Sorry Marines, You Are NOT Getting Suppressors”

  1. Gerard says:

    If the Hearing Protection Act is passed, would individual marines be able to purchase and use suppressors?

    • Rick says:

      I typed out a long response that got deleted, but no. No they will not.

      • SSD says:

        Got deleted?

        • jbgleason says:

          Yeah. It’s a hiccup in the site that if you write a Comment and hit submit without filling in your name first, it will delete the text rather than just asking you to fill in the required info. Has happened to me many times.

    • Bobby says:

      Highly unlikely, Marines can currently purchase suppressors as any (non-felon) citizen can but the Marine Corps is not going to allow individuals to bring personal suppressors into the field.

    • El Guapo says:

      I seriously doubt that- adding a can isn’t like throwing on a tac light. That and I haven’t even seen personally owned optics on USMC weapons.

    • HPeeAye says:

      Bring-your-own-weapon-to-work-day is not a thing. Services frown upon this.

      They’d have to be safety certified and issued.

      But in a serviceman’s after-work personal life… they can have at it at the range with whatever hey like.

    • WKL says:

      Shouldn’t be an issue. People deploy all the time with personally owned weapons and accessories.

  2. Cool Arrow Kicker says:

    Something tells me Gerard is either a PFC with delusions of grandeur or on the cusp of going to boot camp.

    1. The hearing protection act will NEVER pass.

    2. It “Marines” (emphasis on the capital “M”)

    3. Individual Marines ARE NOT permitted to modify weapons.

    • Gerard says:

      My apologies, it will be Marines with a capital M from now on

    • Ed says:

      Way to be positive there!

      • Cool Arrow Kicker says:

        A quote about “handling the truth” and one’s inability to do so comes to mind.

        Would you rather be lied to?

        • Ed says:

          Hey Brother, it ain’t over till it’s over!

          You know exactly how all the Representatives are gonna vote, and if it is or is not going onto the Senate???

          I mean Damn son! Give me the power-ball and lotto numbers for this week then and stop being so stingy!

          • Cool Arrow Kicker says:

            Once you pay a government organization for a service, you will never stop paying them. That is the truth.

            A more realistic approach would be that once you have sent in your initial photos and fingerprints and waited your 6 months for approval, follow on purchases should be approved automatically provided your address hasn’t changed or you haven’t committed a crime.

            • Ed says:

              Can’t agree with you more!

              Still waiting for those lotto and PowerBall predictions though!

              Ha ha ha!

    • George says:

      You are correct that Marines are not allowed to modify weapons, but how many Battalions bought Aimpoint Red-Dots with LaRue quick mounts, SOPMOD or Vltor stocks, or any whole host of attachments for snipers, PSD, CAAT, etc.
      Would not be surprised to see some Bn Gunners buy suppressors for some of their Marines.

      • Cool Arrow Kicker says:

        You can’t just “slap a suppressor” on an M4. Wanna know how AWG broke their 416s? They “slapped” suppressors on them.

        Now, my only caveat to this would be if the unit procured the same cans being fielded in SOPMOD.

        But they can’t. And if they could, they’d be in violation of a slew of MARADMINs.

        So just let it go. Not going to happen.

        • Ed says:

          There you go with that negativity again!

          Where are my PowerBall and lottery numbers I asked for????


  3. solomon says:

    so you’re rolling with the civilian instead of the Marine Gunner? i mean your title says NO Marines you’re not getting suppressors so that means you give greater credibility to the civilian. am i right?

    • Cool Arrow Kicker says:

      Gunner Wade DOES NOT write or establish requirements. DC, CD&I does and then MARCORSYSCOM procures the end item.

      So yes, the “Civilians” are correct, to include former Col Chris Woodburn who used to be the requirements officer at DC, CD&I, FMID.

      This was only an experiment, which is what SSD has been saying all along.

      At this point, if you are a Marine and want to be issued a suppressor, FSBE, dual tube night vision etc., STA, Recon & MARSOC regularly hold tryouts.

      • SSD says:

        Yep, they (those damned civilians who work for Generals at MCCDD and MARCORSYSCOM) write the requirements and the checks. Gunner Wade is a fine American and a great Marine but what he said doesn’t follow what’s actually going on at their level.

        • Kinetix says:

          Unless it does follow…from his perspective, that is…if he is part of the wing that is fighting to get suppressors acquired and issued, his statement would make much more sense, especially since the videos were tinged with a “these things are great and you should have them” kinda feel.

          His statement might not necessarily be based on any current contract or program, but rather his desire that suppressors should be issued more broadly.

  4. Gerard says:

    The Hearing Protection Act has to pass if this common sense legislation is killed how can we fight and win something tough like nationwide concealed carry?

  5. Ed says:

    Is it just me or does shooting while wearing garrison uniform/hat seem funny???

    Just say’in!

    • Cool Arrow Kicker says:

      Technically its a “Cover” and part of the Marine Corps Combat Uniform, which is a field uniform….

      Just Sayin’

      • Ed says:

        Are you always a tool or just especially irritating. Your not the only service member on this site, kid!

      • SSD says:

        Younger guys don’t remember a world where you fired a weapon without wearing a helmet and body armor.

        • Cool Arrow Kicker says:

          Oh yeah…. Boonie Cover, H-Harness and Oakley Razor Blades.

          25 years ago seems like yesterday lol

  6. Gunner Wade says:

    Mr. Woodburn is spot-on correct, from his position in CD&I, and I know for a fact that he’s a stand-up guy. He can only comment on existing requirements and initiatives. That’s exactly what CD&I guys (and gals) are supposed to do. I drive them crazy by never shutting up about change. That’s what I do. The suppressor “experiment”, however, does not reside within CD&I, per se, but rather rests with and is driven by PP&O (Infantry Advocate) and MCWL. CD&I, naturally, is watching this closely, but at the end of the day, CD&I people cannot be aggressive or worse, even enthusiastic about anything that isn’t on the paper sitting in front of them (the paper which has been signed with money provided, that is). PP&O is pushing this and I am assisting them. Put a bookmark in this and revisit the subject next year and see what CD&I says.