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Ascendant Advisory Group Announces Down Range Solutions Group Acquires U.S. Optics

Brea, California (June 19, 2017) Ascendant Advisory Group’s Mergers and Acquisitions Division announces, Down Range Solutions Group has completed the acquisition of U.S. Optics, a leader in the firearm optics industry. Down Range Solutions Group will continue doing business as U.S. Optics and the company will carry forward the reputation for manufacturing and assembling optics to exacting specifications, creating optics that consistently perform in the best and worst of environmental conditions.

Arnold VonBargen, former Owner comments: “We are very proud of what we built at U.S. Optics, great products from dedicated employees. Now we have the ability to reach our potential with additional resources and opportunities. I am extremely excited to see where we go from here.” VonBargen will stay on to oversee product development and to assist with maintaining a brand of durability, reliability and performance

“U.S. Optics will continue to serve our loyal customers in the precision and tactical shooting communities while we work to satisfy the precision optics needs of the military and law enforcement personnel.” says Down Range Solutions Group President and former Green Beret, Pat Harrigan. Harrigan has appointed Kevin “Chief” Peterson as COO of U.S. Optics.

Peterson brings the experience of being Command Chief USAF for Ellsworth AFB(ret) and Director of Operations at Sonju Industrial. “First and foremost, we intend to continue the lineage of excellent products from U.S. Optics, creating a zero-defect environment and increasing production so delivery times will decrease. Secondly, we intend to engage directly in providing product to our military, so they have the most advanced and dependable optics available” Stated Peterson.

Ascendant Advisory Group’s consulting and growth division will work with the U.S. Optics management team to help execute the go-forward strategy. The existing employees and management at U.S. Optics, together with the management at DRSG and Ascendant Advisory Group’s consulting division combine to create a partnership of diverse talent which will continually drive the production of high quality products. Additionally, increased production capacity will allow for the release of additional products and designs to a broader section of the market.

Down Range Solutions Group is a veteran owned and operated company that provides the most advanced and dependable products on the market for our military, law enforcement and civilian customers. By partnering with the best companies in the industry, hiring the best talent in the world, and engineering solutions thought impossible, we have developed unparalleled solutions and will continue to advance beyond expectations to serve those whose lives depend on our products.


6 Responses to “Ascendant Advisory Group Announces Down Range Solutions Group Acquires U.S. Optics”

  1. Fritzthedog says:

    “Additionally, increased production capacity will allow for the release of additional products and designs to a broader section of the market.”

    Perhaps they can start by making quality optics that don’t crap out under normal use…. I’ve seen too many incidents and heard more stories of US Optics scopes going down in competition- under light use. Thankfully, some of their reticle options allow for accurate hold-over if/when the erector shits the bed.

    • Ed says:

      I never knew this. I always thought US Optics were the primo, #1 US made optic??

    • Scott R says:

      I agree with Ed, I and folks I know have never had anything but a precision piece that works well. I am sure that if there was an issue U.S. Optics would stand behind their product.

    • Groot says:

      I’m sure Fritzthedog doesn’t actually own one of US Optics scopes , their scopes are bullet proof and so is their customer service. Period!

  2. John says:

    US Optics is the premier American scope manufacturer. I’ve never seen one of their products be anything but perfect, even under extreme use. There’s a reason that the military uses them for a bunch of extreme accuracy requirements.

  3. Johnny B says:

    Back in the day, US Optics had a video of them running a truck across their scope body. There was also one of them shooting, removing the scope and chucking it across a parking lot, then remounting and retaining zero. The last one I saw, they were throwing it a much shorter distance down a dirt hill. US optics are built tough. I have owned the SN-4 and now, the MR-10. They are nothing but rock solid.