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Ask TNVC – “What Does ‘VAS’ Stand For?”

Normally, it’s “Ask SSD” but we received this entry from our friends at TNVC. Guys, you could have asked us.


Ya know here at TNVC we pride ourselves on our education all things NV related. We are constant learners as well, and when I got asked this morning what the “VAS” stands for in Ops Core VAS Shrouds, I had a deer in the head lights moment! We have so many acronyms flying around, this one I missed or had forgotten. So I picked up the bat phone and talked with Ops Core (Gentex) and they wrote me back with a chuckle as it’s been a long time anyone had asked them as well. So the million dollar answer for the day is, VAS— Visual Augmentation System (VAS) – which allows you to mount something to your helmet that allows you to see at night, or augmenting your vision for night time operations.

The dumb question is the one you never asked and as the late friend Pat Rogers we all miss dearly had always stated, “Learning has Occurred”.

Stay Safe – Vic Di Cosola, TNVC.


4 Responses to “Ask TNVC – “What Does ‘VAS’ Stand For?””

  1. Matt Chen says:

    Indeed , we took so much short-words to easy save the time for
    large meaning or tech-words. Back to the start, we will too easy
    to lost it’s truly meaning.

  2. MM says:

    Another trivia question would be how the BISS-NVD Lanyard on the Ops-Core helmet got its name.