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RMA Armament Unveils it’s Newest NIJ .06 Level IV Hard Armor Plate

CENTERVILLE, IA – RMA Armament, Inc., is proud to announce the latest edition to its armor family, the model #1155 level IV hard amor plate. RMA is also happy to announce that this new model has successfully passed all testing at the National Institute of Justice, earning it’s NIJ .06 certification.

The NIJ .06 certified model #1155 hard armor plate is an important addition to the RMA lineup because it not only lives up to RMA’s standard of armor excellence, but also comes at an affordable cost to the end user and boasts a 10-year manufacturers warranty. Now for sale at www.rmadefense.com, the model #1155 is available for purchase at an introductory sale price of $115 per plate. The introductory sale runs from June 22 through June 29.

“We’re extremely excited about the unveiling of our latest NIJ .06 certified level IV plate,” said RMA CEO Blake Waldrop. “RMA was ‘borne from the blue,’ and with this price point – especially on a NIJ certified plate – we’re proving that we also ‘Back the Blue.’ Our desire is that law enforcement in this country can afford to protect themselves and this plate meets that need.”

Not only will the level IV plate be available for purchase in individual quantities, but law enforcement and government agencies will also be able to submit RFQ’s directly to RMA via email at [email protected] or by calling 866-978-7103.


-NIJ Certified 0101.06 (Defeats 7.62×63 M2AP rounds)
-10 Year Warranty
-10” W x 12” H x 1” D
-8.3 lbs. (1.9kg)
-Single Curve
-Monolithic Ceramic/Polyethylene Build
-Made in Centerville, IA, USA



18 Responses to “RMA Armament Unveils it’s Newest NIJ .06 Level IV Hard Armor Plate”

  1. Erick says:

    Someone’s math is a wee bit off. 1.9kg doesn’t equal 8.2lbs. It’ll be interesting to see what it is rated for.

    • BillC says:

      The math may be off, but it does state clearly what it is certified and rated for.

      • jack says:

        1.9Kg would be incredibly great for a S.A. Lvl IV plate with that price point. Somehow I doubt it. 8.3lbs (or 3.7Kg) is more likely.

        • Seer says:

          1.9kg would be insanely great for a S.A. Level IV plate. Period.

          …In fact, no such plate exists. The very lightest are around 5lbs, which is 2.26kg.

        • BillC says:

          It states 6.9 lbs. (3.13 kg) on their website, so who knows what to believe anymore.

    • Jones says:

      RMA is apparently not very good at math or measurements. This is the company that sells an 8×10″ plate, the 1199, as a 10×12″ plate.
      (The ceramic coverage is roughly 8×10″, but they put it in a 10×12″ envelope & call it a 10×12″ plate, and don’t mention this fact on their site.)

      • Blake says:

        If this plate was sold as a 8×10 I’m sure you would still have something negative to say about it. The polyethylene backing or the overall product is a 10×12, so it is sold as such. What about a gamma cut plate that is a “10×12” when the coverage is significantly smaller? And RMA will changing the 1199 to a full coverage by end of year, 2017.

    • Drake says:

      It was a typo. Our fault the true weight is 8.3 pounds or 3.77 kilograms.

  2. Arrow 4 says:

    Does RMA stand for Return Merchandise Authorization? – Not good initials for any company selling products.

  3. Bad Dancer says:

    Article states that the sale prices is valid from 22 to 29 of last month. Is this correct?

    Quick looksee on their site shows a similar pricing on the product at current date.

    • Drake says:

      It was an introductory sale that was continued to the fourth of July. The price went from $115.00 to $117.76 to be catchy

  4. Ed says:

    Sooo, they bumped up the protection so It couldn’t be defeated by the 7.62x54R by testing against our very own .30-06 (7.62x63mm) ??


    • Drake says:

      What are you saying exactly?

      • Ed says:

        Maybe I have not been paying attention to Armor last so many years, but I wasn’t aware that testing against the .30-06 round was a bar of testing that armor needed to exceed? I thought 7.62x54R was the standard, that’s all.

        • Jake says:

          30-06 M2 AP is the standard for NIJ Lvl 4. Even though NIJ isn’t always the most realistic, many companies test and rate for that since a lot of grants for police departments require that money be used to purchase NIJ rated armor. That’s not to say a lvl 4 plate won’t defeat x54r, just that it wasn’t tested. Some companies pay for further testing from places like H.P. White for other rounds and add that to their spec sheets. I don’t know if RMA has or will do this for this specific plate. On top of NIJ you have ‘Special Rifle Threat’ or similar terminology, sometimes labeled as lvl 3+. That’s not a legit NIJ rating, but a company will test and rate a plate for multiple common rounds. Typically 193, 855, x39 variants and such.

          I’m starting to ramble, so I hope this clears it up for you.