Atlantic Signal – Peltor Transition Band

ATLANTIC SIGNAL brings you the ONLY Authorized / Hearing Pro Certified Transition Band in the World for Peltor COMTACs.

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4 Responses to “Atlantic Signal – Peltor Transition Band”

  1. Cj says:

    Great idea. Had plenty of times when i wanted to go soft cap on a vehicle op and couldn’t use my peltors bc they are mounted on my helmet. Any idea how to order? Their site doesn’t have prices/options to purchase.

  2. a regular guy says:

    Sorry, us plebs in the regular forces just put our helmets on over our Peltors with the “transition band.” And we never ride I vehicles without helmets.

    I had no idea you special guys had such a horrible, no-good, very bad, inconvenient time with you headsets.