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Sneak Peek – Atlantic Signal’s Allectus

Sunday, February 4th, 2018

The Atlantic Signal Allectus is an Intelligent Push-to-Talk, featuring Quad Comm Capability, User Programmable, 3D Spatial Awareness, and Multi-Positionable for Left & Right Handed Shooters.



It’s also compatible with their “Victory” Wireless Gun Mounted PTT.


NTOA 17 – Atlantic Signal’s Next Generation Headset

Monday, September 25th, 2017

Working in conjunction with 3M, Atlantic Signal has developed their Next Generation Headset, in anticipation of an upcoming US Special Operations solicitation.


The system will offer the availability of transitioning the headset from rail mounting, to over the head band within in two minutes with laboratory certified hearing protection.

Atlantic Signal – Peltor Transition Band

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

ATLANTIC SIGNAL brings you the ONLY Authorized / Hearing Pro Certified Transition Band in the World for Peltor COMTACs.

Atlantic Signal – U94 Push to Talk

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Debuting this week at NYTOA, Atlantic Signal’s new Nexus U94 Push to Talk with built in wireless capabilities to pair with their Victory gun rail mounted PTT.

Atlantic Signal Introduces New Smart ICS Cable

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Atlantic Signal introduces their new Smart ICS Cable for Headset Communications which is currently undergoing final client testing. Top connector is the new ICS Cable for HELO Communications containing Custom Components for Compatibility with Multiple DOD ICS Platforms. The bottom connector is the standard model currently in use across DoD.


Atlantic Signal Launches New Website

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Atlantic Signal, manufacturers of the Dominator series of communications headsets has updated their website.


Atlantic Signal Gladiator V Headset with Mil Spec Hearing Protection

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

You may not be familiar with the name Atlantic Signal but they have a long history of producing specialized communications devices beginning in 1989 as New Eagle. Additionally, they’ve worked with Peltor on headset systems.

The real heart of this waterproof headset is the bone conduction technology which allows the user to “hear” radio communications through the facial bones rather than the ear canals. This can greatly enhance the situational awareness of the user because the ears are uncovered and free to hear ambient sounds. Naturally, the downside of this is that the ears are unprotected. This is why Atlantic Signal integrated the CAE technology.

They’ve taken their popular MH180V bone conduction headset and integrated the US Military approved 4th generation COMBAT ARMS EARPLUGS. The CAE offers an advantage that the wearer can hear ambient low level sounds but through a passive system the CAE blocks high noise including vehicle noises.

The audio transducers which are part of the bone conduction technology are located inside the headset housings positioned in the front of the ears. Incoming radio transmissions are transferred to the transducers, then through the temporal bones of the face and received in the inner ear.

In order to customize the fit, the wearer can choose from one of four different lengths (S-XL) of vertical, stainless steel, head frames. Additionally, the CAE can be stored in a holster on the headset when not needed. This keeps them close at hand, out of the way, and (relatively) clean.

Here, Atlantic Signal shows their Gladiator V Headset with integrated Mil Spec hearing protection. In the video, they not only highlight the salient features of the headset but also show how it can be worn with several standard military helmets.

Units and agencies can procure Atlantic Signal headsets through ADS.