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3M Peltor ComTac 6

Monday, March 18th, 2019

One of the most impressive things I saw at this year’s SHOT Show has finally been released for sale. The ComTac 6 may look like previous incarnations, but inside, it’s all new.


It features Mission Audio Profile (MAP) and Natural Interaction Behavior (NIB) that enables natural face to face communication in noisy environment.

This video explains these features.

The MAPs include: Observation, Patrolling, Conversation, Comfort and Mic Off.


They’ve done a great job with the five Mission Audio Profiles, but Natural Interaction Behavior is what sets it apart. Imagine being able to communicate in a vehicle or on an aircraft without having to connect to the Internal Communication System. Normally, only one passenger can connect to an aircraft ICS, making it difficult to communicate with one another while flying. The COMTAC 6 changes all of that. With NIB, the ground force can communicate. They can also use the system while in close proximity to one another (10m), like in a common room, NIB kicks in anytime noise levels are above 72 dB.

They’ve also redesigned the headband and introduced a new boom mic with internal foam to help cancel noise. The boom will also accommodate left or right handed shooters without moving from one side to the other.

The Peltor ComTac 6 is available for unit and agency order from ADS.

Atlantic Signal – Peltor Transition Band

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

ATLANTIC SIGNAL brings you the ONLY Authorized / Hearing Pro Certified Transition Band in the World for Peltor COMTACs.

3M Announces Peltor SecureFit Protective Eyewear 600 Tactical Series

Thursday, July 6th, 2017

3M Company, the Original Equipment Manufacturer for PELTOR branded products, is pleased to announce the launch of the 3M™ SecureFit™ Protective Eyewear 600 Tactical Series (SF600-TAC), which offers military and law enforcement professionals a comfortable, high performance spectacle that re-evaluates traditional concepts of form, fit, and function.


SF600-TAC features 3M’s proprietary Pressure Diffusion Temple (PDT) Technology. This technology is used to create a thin, self-adjusting temple with no moving parts and nothing to adjust. This helps relieve pressure over the ears and helps keep a secure, comfortable fit. Securefit’s thin temple design also minimizes interference and attenuation loss with over-the-ear hearing protectors, such as PELTOR COMTAC Tactical Communication headsets.


SF600-TAC comes standard with 3M’s Scotchgard™ Anti-fog coating for long-lasting clarity that resists fogging longer than traditional coatings, even after multiple washes. In addition, the SF600-TAC models are all tested to the Military Vo High Velocity Impact Standard of MIL-PRF 32432(GL).


Three lens options are available within this new product series: clear, grey and amber, in matte black (non-reflective) frames. A photochromic model will be launched later this year. SecureFit 600 Tactical Series: Now In Stock!

Contact a 3M Government Sales Specialist to set up a test and evaluation and watch the following testimonial video of our new product!

CP AirFrame Peltor Adapter Set

Friday, May 31st, 2013

CP AirFrame Peltor Adapter Set

If you want to integrate a Peltor headset via teh 3M Peltor ARC Adapters onto a Crye Precision AirFrame helmet, you need to get the adapter set. The AirFrame adapter set is also backwards compatible with the Ops-Core ARC Rail.

CP AirFrame Peltor Adapter Set

Sold in pairs in Black.

Team Wendy Releases EXFIL Comms Mounts and Helmet Covers

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Team Wendy has added the EXFIL Comms Mounts and Helmet Covers to their website for orders.

TW EXFIL Comms Adapter

The TW Communications Headset Adapter mounts Peltor headsets to the EXFIL bump helmet.


The EXFIL Helmet Cover is manufactured from mesh and available in Coyote, Black or MultiCam and is designed specifically for the geometry of this helmet.

TEA Headsets Announces Distribution Agreement with Peltor

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Some pretty cool news from TEA Headsets. With this new distribution agreement with Peltor, TEA now offers one of the most popular communications headsets on the market; the ComTac series.

TEA Headsets is expanding their product line to now include Peltor ComTac Series Headsets.

The addition of Peltor will help strengthen TEA’s product line up and also add value to their existing customer base for their tactical comm product needs. Recently TEA launched new versions of their Tactical U94 Push-to-Talk Switches that compliments Peltor ComTac Headsets.

The ComTac III ACH headset is the third generation of ComTac Tactical Communication Headsets designed to meet the mission needs of today’s warfighter. ComTac now offers gel ear cushions for improved comfort, choice of boom mic location for both left and right shooters, increased RF immunity for high EMI environments, salt-water resistance and Rx/Tx fail-safe. Its ear cup profile has been improved, providing better fit and improved comfort for a variety of tactical helmets used by military and law enforcement professionals, including the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) or MICH Helmet. The tactical headset features external microphones for “talk-thru” capability so today’s warfighter can maintain situational awareness while wearing reliable hearing protection.

The new ComTac III ARC configuration is for use with the Ops-Core FAST Helmet. The integrated solution addresses the challenges associated with donning and doffing of the helmet, eliminates “hot spots” and reduces the need to modify the internal padding of the helmet for proper fitting. The system utilizes 3M’s mounting mechanism, which connects the headset to the helmet Accessory Rail Connector.

For more information go to or contact a TEA representative. Like them on Facebook, and be sure to check out all of TEA’s new products at SHOT Show in Booth #7008.

Peltor ARC Mount

Monday, May 14th, 2012

We’ve talked about the 3M Peltor ARC mount before, but this too good to pass up.


This photo from Japan’s Aggressor Group shows how the Peltor ARC kit integrates their comms headset directly with the Ops-Core Accessory Rail Connector.

Atlantic Signal Gladiator V Headset with Mil Spec Hearing Protection

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

You may not be familiar with the name Atlantic Signal but they have a long history of producing specialized communications devices beginning in 1989 as New Eagle. Additionally, they’ve worked with Peltor on headset systems.

The real heart of this waterproof headset is the bone conduction technology which allows the user to “hear” radio communications through the facial bones rather than the ear canals. This can greatly enhance the situational awareness of the user because the ears are uncovered and free to hear ambient sounds. Naturally, the downside of this is that the ears are unprotected. This is why Atlantic Signal integrated the CAE technology.

They’ve taken their popular MH180V bone conduction headset and integrated the US Military approved 4th generation COMBAT ARMS EARPLUGS. The CAE offers an advantage that the wearer can hear ambient low level sounds but through a passive system the CAE blocks high noise including vehicle noises.

The audio transducers which are part of the bone conduction technology are located inside the headset housings positioned in the front of the ears. Incoming radio transmissions are transferred to the transducers, then through the temporal bones of the face and received in the inner ear.

In order to customize the fit, the wearer can choose from one of four different lengths (S-XL) of vertical, stainless steel, head frames. Additionally, the CAE can be stored in a holster on the headset when not needed. This keeps them close at hand, out of the way, and (relatively) clean.

Here, Atlantic Signal shows their Gladiator V Headset with integrated Mil Spec hearing protection. In the video, they not only highlight the salient features of the headset but also show how it can be worn with several standard military helmets.

Units and agencies can procure Atlantic Signal headsets through ADS.