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Warrior East 2017 – Tactical Distributors Updates Down Range Jacket

Coming Fall 17 is the third iteration of the Down Range Jacket. It’s 600 fill but what’s interesting is that baffles are welded.

Underneath you’ll see a new fleece hoody with built in balaclava.



7 Responses to “Warrior East 2017 – Tactical Distributors Updates Down Range Jacket”

  1. Rob says:

    That’s a pretty cool concept. I work in the outdoors industry so it will be interesting to see how this goes.

    • Iggy says:

      Welded baffles? Been around maybe 5 years with uniqlo, tnf, mhw. Seems to work well, tho only with sewn-thru baffles so not for top tier clothes.
      Unless theyve got a way to do real baffles with it now.

  2. Ed says:

    what kind of “Low-Vis” plate carrier is that, the manikin is wearing under the jacket?

  3. Luke says:

    While I’m sure there are plenty of advantages to welded baffles, their baffles are very wide and represent much larger potential cold spots then traditional sewn-through. Just a WAG, but they look to make up as much as 20% of the surface area of the garment.

    • Adun says:

      That may be intentional to offset some heat build up. With sewn through baffles you get some additional ventilation that welded probably does not provide.

      Alternately, the jacket might have enough stand off in those areas to trap enough air against the body that it doesn’t matter. I know the Klymit sleeping pads work off of similar principles.

  4. Bkelly says:

    That looks awfully like a wolf grey version of an Arc’teryx Fortrez the hood and integrated balaclava look identical.