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Sneak Peek – XGO MultiCam Boxer

XGO shared these limited run 85% Nylon/15% Spandex Multicam Boxers with us. They are treated with Acclimate Dry and AG47.

They also offered us this statement:

Look we know that buying underwear ain’t sexy but protecting them franks-n-beans should be priority numero uno. You can buy underwear that’ll make ya think you’re some lumbersexual…or you can buy ours….which will make you feel like a real man. We promise. Let’s just give you the facts:
1) Licensed MultiCam – Check
2) Discreet entry – Check
3) Anti Microbial protection so your marbles smell like berries and not 3 week old pizza – Check
4) Swamp arse protection – TBD…we make no promises but our Acclimate Dry moisture management is pretty good..
5) Last but not least….1776% Made in the 50 Stars and 13 Bars….High Five, Thomas Jefferson!

Available exclusively at PROXGO.COM starting 8/14.


8 Responses to “Sneak Peek – XGO MultiCam Boxer”

  1. Dan says:


  2. Clint says:

    They’ll never see it coming?

  3. pbr549 says:

    Discreet entry???

  4. straps says:

    Zero practical application and yet still I want ’em…

  5. Jester says:

    Hopefully the darker colors are concentrated in the “crotchal region”

  6. Stephen says:

    Did these ever make it onto their site? I haven’t seen them available yet since this was posted.