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POF-USA Wins the Industry Choice Awards “Rifle of the Year” for the Revolution AR-15

Phoenix, Arizona – Patriot Ordnance Factory is proud to announce taking home the Rifle of the Year award from the 2017 Firearms Industry Choice Awards dinner. POF USA was honored to attend and thanks everyone involved in the process of setting the dinner up, and in the awards process, as well as congratulates the other winners that night.

The Revolution continues the POF tradition of Relentless Reliability and American innovation. The Revolution is POF-USA’s new .308 battle rifle that handles like a 5.56 – because it’s the same size and weight as one. The Revolution features many 5.56 parts; such as charging handle, bolt carrier, roller cam pin, buffer, heat-sink barrel nut, handguard, and 5-position gas piston operating system. The barrel extension, bolt assembly, upper, and lower receiver are the exact same size as those on an AR15. This is truly an AR15 that shoots in .308!

Weighing in at 7.3 lbs. the Revolution features POF-USA’s new slim Edge handguard with four built-in QD mounts. It’s loaded with features such as a fully ambidextrous billet receiver set, Nickel-Phosphate coated bolt carrier group, 5-position adjustable gas piston, single stage match grade trigger, and more. You may have just found your “one gun.”

When asked to comment, Frank DeSomma, the owner and founder of POF-USA had this to say:

“This award is one to be extremely proud of and an honor to achieve, because the Industry Choice Awards are evaluated by people in the firearms industry with experience: hunters, competitive shooters, instructors, retail, law enforcement and military.

I’m very proud of our team’s hard work and a never-quit attitude to achieve engineering an AR15 to shoot .308/7.62×51.
It was an extreme honor to accept this award for our company and me personally.

The products in this competition are chosen on their “Merit” in an unbiased fashion, which instills and keeps alive the Honor and Integrity of the industry, and of this award. “



3 Responses to “POF-USA Wins the Industry Choice Awards “Rifle of the Year” for the Revolution AR-15”

  1. MidGasFan says:

    I’ve handled and shot quite a few .308 AR type rifles and I have to say that this new POF handles and feels amazing! LEAPS ahead of their previous offerings. I was write shocked at the build quality and balanced. Specs are one thing but actually handling the product is another(insert dirty joke here).

    I like how POF is pushing themselves to make a lighter product after years of heavy, heavy guns.

    If I could afford a .308 semi rifle, this would be in my top four along with the DD M5, SCAR-17 and the MEGA Arms SF .308.

  2. Wells Sommer says:

    Congratulation Frank and all at POF! Fantastic job, well done, a great honor you and everyone at POF can be very proud of, keep up the great work!

    The very best to you and everyone!

    Love Ya!


  3. TF Orange says:

    OK SO BARE WITH ME—-I had a 4 year period working for a small subsidiary/sub-“unit” under the priv sec firm TITANGROUP/L-3 Communications called RATTLR (Rapid Asymmetric Training and Tactical Lead Response teams) that did basic CA to Mex runs, all asset protection (I spent 60% of that experience as a trunk monkey, or for the uninformed, it’s that guy when you watch secret service in SUVs who sits in the trunk area facing to the rear with shades on and wearing full tactical rack+AR etc? anyway…. that was ME for nearly all the exciting stuff—despite how little there’d be—,the rest was liaising–as I’m bilingual, BUT as strange as it sounds, being blond haired and blue eyed so I looked like a surfer/stoner type to the locals when doing advance low-vis work with local LE made me “that guy” everyone asked to lead the ATs or Advance Teams, but on the other hand, like the 9mm—even the good brands—it didn’t do ANYTHING until you put 4-5 into something nerve-connected that was dangerously close to spinal). That was your CCW and putting your life in it was a strain for high-anxiety disorder types like me, you could say…(corruption in much of the local LE in %70-90 of our AOs caused alarm and if that Px4–btw, I had it threaded in GA for a can and you have no idea how much of a big deal that was for that barrel).
    POINT IS—>like i said, bare with my novel-sized comment because it comes to the multi-cals like this rifle!!—WE WERE INFURIATED AT THE CHEAP DPMS PANTHERS, AND OTHER LOWER END BRANDS I WON’T GET INTO, BUT BUT HAD WE HAD AN AR/SBR BY MAYBE DANIELS DEFENSE/LWRCI/KAC/POF USA –AND NOW WE DO FINALLY! OR ANYONE LIKE THE ABOVE(preferably, or at least w/CQB stock?) that fired both 5.56mm and 7.62mm depending on their “Renegade or Revolution”
    I SOOOO FEEL LIKE A JERK HERE, but dude, look at how the guy talks about the two new MC carbines!!! lol…says same thing just not trying to sound like the cool guy that reinvented the wheel when the ACR DID THE SAME THING BUT BETTER AS THE MASSADA LIKE A DECADE AGO FROM WHAT I REMEMBER?

    HERES THE KICKER—–> We lost three good friends of mine, two then and one who went to Triple Canopy (wherever or whatever they do now) and was killed in, imho, somewhere like the DRC or maybe Venezuela? It happened a few months ago and literally didn’t make any news ANYWHERE here as he wasn’t a vet, he was ex-LE SRT/SWAT type who I really liked. I heard a few PMCs and security/PSD firms like TITANGROUP (ours being *reactive, not the other way around in many cases) were trying to find a way to afford doing the 416S or the FN SCAR MK 17 etc, but it was just $$, and L-3 who owned us, wasn’t opening checkbooks for ex-vets to live out their gun dreams….those days had looong passed tragically.

    We know now that had we had JUST the Revolution, with those cool Maxim CQB stocks you see Tanto from 13 Hrs peddling in mags all over, and also maybe some short cans from Black Rain or SIG, maybe a regular UDT/ Red Dot like I had ($70! It literally could never lose zero and never be broken somehow). I have a vert grip that works great, and that’s all I’d have needed to put someone down PERIOD, first hit. I’ve seen a 7.62×51 do it’s business in someones gut, and it’s BAAAAD, but however, you bring in the new 5.56mm M855A1 or the M80A1 (7.62×51 if I’m recalling right?)? We would have had very drastically different type of engagements…Let’s just say that, and would have saved lives. Mexican Marines aren’t a TOTAL joke, but I wouldn’t have them share a lift to an emergency CIF type deal with any aspect of even the reservist USMC. They do what they want how they want, like the LE, who I was fine with because they knew they were better off being friendly and NOT dirty around us than to do otherwise (as half of the security asset pro specialists were LE).
    GUESS WHAT?? END OF RANT THAT NO ONE WILL EVER READ OR CARE ABOUT. But I drank coffee at 5pm and decided I was gonna do some research on my next custom multi-cal AR (no more plain out-of-the-box ARs). I want the 11.5″ w/integral suppression, a basic and cheap red dot that’s not the $20,000 Micro-T2 lmao jk jk, and a Maxim CQB-stock on those two rails..that’s it!!
    Till next time,

    PS…one thing…This is important for POF USA who make DoD gear and don’t always get, uhhh, lets say always GREAT feedback on how to improve and modify existing and killer ARs but just over-think it….During our TICs, or any contact we had with Zetas in La Paz etc and we were in a real world DFE, we just wanted to put a lot of rounds out AND have even just a half-piece of mangled ricochet be fatal if it slapped a dude behind a barrier.

    These were also kids too…who didn’t know how to shoot but wouldn’t let me get enough words out to drop their guns before they would raise up and draw a bead and that would be it from one of the teammates…BUT, regarless, when they were ready? They were intense and I watched former Tier 1 dudes, no BS, roll down their windows a smidge, poke their integrally suppressed AR out, and pop a guy nearly seven to eight times before going down (WITH THE VERY 77 Gr we used usually!)…now we chalked that guy up to meth or something, but others took two rounds, trying to ignore your burning flesh against the asphalt while putting downrange what would hopefully be tightlu centered groups, or as best you could, while being shot at, and then watch the reaction.

    We didn’t have fights like you see with the YouTube vids in Af/Pak. Well, we had NDAs anyways against even saying who we worked for as the joint contract was with the Mex MOD (and my statute of limitation on that NDA didn’t expire until last year, and it was from 2005).

    Point is, I got myself a cheap DPMS Panther with a GEMTECH short can practically half-used already baffles-wise it felt-like, and also, ugh, I hate to say it but…– I hated the 5.56mm unless I had 77gr Black Hills running through it, and I, along with even the former Tier 1 SMU dudes we had on the team who were ex-Unit, ex-Blue (ST6), etc ALL DID THE SAME. We’d literally raid any stashes once we got back we could find…and nothing short of robbery. Why? Cuz once you’ve heard the whiz or crack, or what I remember not sounding much like either but more like a bumblebee going past my ear when they shot at me, specifically, on one or two times at most (it really wasn’t that nuts yet, we’d see dead toddlers and thought that was bad but it was nothing compared to the ISIS type stuff they did in ’08/’09 time period all the way to now). But now if we went back with active SOF (which I still can’t say if ever worked with any, as we signed NDAs but I can say I saw a lot of Norsemen around on certain jobs), but I could’ve borrowed something like a CSASS or some SBR-style SR-15 with the new hots stuff those at USASOC/JSOC get first chocie from..
    Either way….

    Because the POF USA is a rifle that could’ve been in our hands in it’s SBR format A LONG TIME AGO (the SMU guys, when we talk now, don’t think super highly of the .300 BLK. It’s fine if you have some serious attachment to it comfort-wise and can make it fly like the 6.5 Creedmoor, but as it’s a specialized rnd like the 6.8 and/or 6.5 etc etc, and no one has the time to deal with the pros/cons of each, least of all not a frmr Delta RECCE SqdnTroop leader, who was OURS, @ RATTLR (..OH! G Sqdn, I recall!! Not sure though) which meant he called the shots. When “Duke” spoke we listened (that’s not a cool callsign-thing, we didn’t do that…we called him that because he was staight sterile about 80% of his personal affairs/life etc…I was the only one spearfishing with him later and spending time w/ his amazing family…Anyway…Once we saw our first LWRC SABR (the first multi-cal I’d ever seen and the third or so he had!), we were pissed.
    Point of this even LONGER ending “P.S” segment is that POF??? YOU HEAR US? Make sure you can take some steps out of those two new ARs and make it so literally, without any real tool/s you can slap uppers back and forth without worry!!!! You do that, and you’d own the market. Just because the 416s did stuff in mud didn’t make them GOD of all the ARs or SOF weapons….Believe me. They DO jam, despite what you’ll hear….it takes a while but it happens sooner than the vids on youtube would have you think. The SCAR somehow doesnt jam as often which contradicts the tests they did but…Idk, whatever lol…

    I had coffee therefore I have excuse.
    DR =)