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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Eleven 10’s TEMS Entry Aid Bag

This week’s Friday Focus features Eleven 10 and the TEMS Entry Aid Bag which FS manufactures for them.  This Q&A offers some great insight.

What drove the development of the TEMS bag?

We found that most of the aid bags on the market were too large for a lot of SWAT entry medics, and were originally designed for the DOD and that medical mission set. Medics on SWAT teams usually carry less equipment than their DOD counterparts because of evac times and other factors. So, we worked on designing a bag that allows the medic to carry exactly what they need in a compact, slim lined package. The new TEMS Entry Aid Bag along with the TEMS First Line Pouch have really allowed the TEMS Medic to reduce the profile of their loadout, without sacrificing capabilities.

Was USA manufacturing important or necessary to 1110 for this bag? 

Absolutely. All of Eleven 10’s products are made in the USA. We made the decision to manufacture domestically when we created out very first RIGID TQ Case, and haven’t looked back since. It’s not a contract requirement thing for us, but a desire to see Made in the USA on more products in our industry.

How did the relationship with FS begin and why did you ultimately choose FS to manufacture the equipment, as well as use 6/12 technology on the bag?

We approached FirstSpear a couple of years ago to work on a new line of medical pouches for us. They have a great reputation of making solid, reliable gear and they are a 100% made in America manufacturer, so they fit well with the Eleven 10 brand. We also gravitated to their manufacturing techniques like 6/12, and the fact that they are always pushing innovation when it comes to soft goods. The 6/12 technology allows us to have the features we needed, but cut out a lot of the unneeded weight from the product.

What was the process like developing a product with FS? 

Product development with FirstSpear has been a refreshingly easy process. Whether we’ve needed an existing design moved right to production, or we had a design idea that needed further engineering, they’ve been a great partner. We’re able to get from drawings to having a prototype in our hands in weeks as opposed to months. This ultimately speeds up our entire product launch timeline.

Any new products on the horizon with 1110 and FirstSpear? 

We have several other products in the design and/or prototype pipeline with FirstSpear. So, you can expect some new products to drop in the near future.

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3 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – Eleven 10’s TEMS Entry Aid Bag”

  1. James says:

    Awesome bag in a unfilled size niche. Like 1/-2-2/3 of an m9 , which makes it just enough to get you out of the house to a primary bag.

    Also a great idea to offer without the internal pouches, my M9 doesn’t have any of the originals, tons of options on the market to set them up the way you need.

    A red one might do well with all the rescue task forces popping up.

    • rearmount says:

      The TSSI M4 bag looks to be somewhat comparable in size to this bag (while both being much smaller than the ubiquitous M9).

      But it’s great to see different products out on the market and it’s also fantastic they’re offering this without pouches as well.

      • James says:

        The m4 is about twice as thick as the M9, and holds even more than it does. Great bag for carrying on top of an Alice/ FILBE though.