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OP Tactical Offering Altra Lone Peak 3.5 Mid Mesh

One of the biggest complaints I see in comments on posts about footwear is that they are too narrow. Jon at O P Tactical had mentioned to me his success with the Altra brand of shoe. I checked them out at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market and then bought a pair of Lone Peak 3.5 trail runners from REI.

Generally, if I’m on my feet all day walking, I wear a compression brace on my left knee. Wearing these, I didn’t need it.

I had to laugh at myself. They certainly offer a distinct aesthetic. I looked down and mentioned to my wife that they were shaped like the foot. Sure enough, right on the toe, it says “Foot Shape”.

At ORSM, I first encountered the Altra Lone Peak 3.5 Mid Mesh. The first thing that struck me was the Sand color.

Also, they are a Zero Drop shoe, which will be new for many.

Other features include the Gaiter Trap slots but I find them kind of superfluous, considering the shoe is mesh, so stuff is going to get in the toe box even if you’re wearing a gaiter.

As for the width of the toe box. This image compares them to Salomons.

O P Tactical also has them in Black.

I’ve already ordered a pair in Sand. Get yours at www.optactical.com/allope35midm.

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20 Responses to “OP Tactical Offering Altra Lone Peak 3.5 Mid Mesh”

  1. Doc8404 says:

    Altra footwear was instrumental in allowing me to be able to run back pain free again. I only have experience with the original Altra Olympus (max cushion trail shoe) and the Altra Escalante (medium cushion woven upper road shoe.) If you go with the more trail-oriented shoes, you may find the tread wears down rather fast on pavement. Toe socks (such as the Injinji brand) really give you the full benefit of the foot-shaped toebox.

  2. I'm Pickle Rick!!! says:

    Great timing on this article, I just switched to Altra for road running shoes (Instinct 3.5) and I’m in love. My knee pain is gone after running and I feel way more stable in my stride. The zero drop seemed to really help my form and my times have improved noticably too.

    I’ve been singing Altra praises for the past week and honestly my wife is sick of hearing how much I like my new shoes. I have a stupid wide foot and really high arches and instep, so finding shoes that don’t batter my feet is difficult to say the least. The look of the shoe is… different to say the least. But hell, it works so I’m not complaining.

    So funny you guys ran this article today, pushed me over the edge to order the Lone Peak in tan.

    • sneakynerd says:

      I have been using Instinct 3.5’s for about a year now and love them. Helped take away some of the impact pain I was having. My pair of tan Peaks just came in today from OP Tactical and they are everything I hoped for. Extremely light, well thought out design and as comfortable as my instincts. If you are have used Altra’s in the past and liked them, you will like these too.

  3. JImBrad says:

    Holy cow. Who still uses a Yahoo commerce site!??? Are we in 2006 again? That was a flashback.

    Shoes look cool tho. I was in the market right now for some actually and hate narrow boots.

    • SSD says:

      I’ve had zero problems ordering from them.

    • straps says:

      Stick with what works, as long as it works.

      You’ll probably be even more floored by the hand-written address label on your order when it arrives.

      Probably two of the reasons their prices are competitive.

      All this in mind, in a decade as a customer, every order has come through flawlessly.

    • JKifer says:

      Jon and his crew run a great store with excellent CS.. been spending my hard earned money on their products since around 2008.. never once had a problem using their well laid out website…

  4. Loopy says:

    One thing to keep in mind is that Altras have a zero heel to toe drop (traditional running shoes have anywhere from a 4-12 mm drop) and your calves and Achilles’ tendons will need to adapt – I would ease into their use gradually. I find the extra room from the foot shaped toe box to be liberating but best to try them on first to make sure it works for you.

  5. William K Marshall says:

    Excited to try these out. My Salomons and Merrills make the feet sweat way too much.

  6. Dellis says:

    Order a half size up people. I wear an 11 but big toe is cramped so I sold them to a guy in my shop at a great discount and will order up an 11.5

    If you’ve never worn this type of shoe then it’s a bit odd at first, as if you need to check your balance but after a few minutes of walking around it’s all good and extremely comfortable. The sole is really spongy but not like a sloppy worn out bed kinda spongy but more like shock absorbing spongy.

    Super light in weight also.

  7. Hubb says:

    These look promising. That zero drop sole sounds good for lifting weights.

    • SLG says:

      I have been using their minimally padded trail runners for over a year now, and they are by far my favorite running shoe. Too soft and squishy for lifting though, ime. The mid cushion, like the ones in the above article, would be even worse I imagine. As soon as they release a sand/coyote/multicam version of the minimally padded ones, I’m in, as I love the zero drop and light weight. Recently switched to Rocky Jungle boots for tac stuff, and though they are awesome boots, I miss the zero drop.

    • J.V. says:

      They have a new model that is aimed at lifting/cross training:

  8. Rob says:

    Does anyone with a pair have wide feet or do these fit wide for a standard width? Thanks

  9. Jon0311/0321 says:

    You’re absolutely right , all government boots are extremely narrow even there extra wide ones , not shaped like a human foot- when I deployed to Afghanistan and 06 , with the 20th SFG support company ( they gave me some Oakley’s boots which had a narrow toebox – even the wide ones were narrow ( but I wore my Birkenstock foot print sierra boats , which Birkenstock does not make any more- I have several pair of lone Peak by Altra- they could stand to be just a tad wider if not more wider ( when the average operator carries ‘pop flares ,smoke grenade, 8~30round banana clips M4 ammo , eighth street clips for Beretta SideArm , Night vision equipment , hard hat flat jacket , trauma a plate, como- equipment , flashlight X batteries , H2O &rations , first aid kit: escaping invasion kit ( they don’t need pointed toes and elevated heels )that’s why the VA is inundated with back problems.!!!! The light needs to go on and somebody’s brains!!! 🙂 my main thing was a Marine Corps olivdrab green whistle – in the king James Bible in my left breast pocket / but as far as footwear Altra is the shape of things to come – The main thing is lacking is durability – if they get that right & and also make some of their boots even wider . They will take the military by storm .( godspeed to all ~~trust him !

  10. Clayton says:

    1. Altra Lone Peak 3.5 w/4 Point Gaiter System Size 14.

    2. Lightest best fitting most options best traction quiet flexible better foot angles neutral nice lacing system and lace material.

    3. Sole width front 4 20/32 In. Sole width mid 3 20/32. Sole width heel section 3 24/32 stays wide inside and out.

    4. Size length Altra 14 equals a Salomon 13.

    5. Hiking running drying at over 10000ft performance is great.

    6. Score 9/10