Scalarworks Launches Aimpoint Pro Quick-Detach Mount


Easton, PA – August 22, 2017 – Scalarworks is pleased to introduce the Low Drag MountTM for Aimpoint PRO sights; the lightest quick-detach Aimpoint PRO mount in existence.


The LDM/PRO is a lightweight, high-strength, low-profile, quick-detach optic mount for with MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails, that is compatible with the Aimpoint PRO, Aimpoint ACO, Aimpoint CompM2, and Aimpoint CompM3, and most other 30mm tube sights.

The Scalarworks LDM/PRO features a user friendly and low-profile 30mm ring. The Scalarworks ring has a precision fitted alloy steel hinge that ensures even pressure around the optic, without requiring the tedious and imprecise setup that traditional rings do. Twin oversize CNC machined shoulder screws provide even tension and act as structural elements, making the entire ring assembly phenomenally rigid.

Like every Scalarworks Low Drag MountTM, the LDM/PRO has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any quick detach mount on the market. It’s tubular monolithic base is CNC machined from ultra high-strength 7075-T6 aluminum, and features our patented recoil-proof thumbscrew with ball detent mechanism. It also has the same precision telescoping clamp as our popular Aimpoint Micro, and Trijicon MRO mounts, which ensures a repeatable zero with each installation.

The LDM/PRO weighs less than 2.45oz (in lower-third height) which is less than half that of Aimpoint’s bundled QRP2 mount. The LDM/PRO is proudly made in the USA, and is available in both Absolute and Lower-Third Co-Witness height variants.


To learn more about the Scalarworks LDM/PRO; please visit


5 Responses to “Scalarworks Launches Aimpoint Pro Quick-Detach Mount”

  1. Dellis says:

    This always happens….I just ordered their front and rear sights and now they release this!

    I know this mount is solid, I am sure, but it “looks” by the profile picture that it will catch and grab onto everything. I’ll get one though

  2. kris says:

    This will be nice for rifles with left side charging levers like the Tavor, RDB, SCAR ect. The knob on the standard mount tends to bust knuckles if you are not careful.

  3. Alpha2 says:

    Big fan of their mounts, awesome quality and they have great customer service!