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Arc’teryx LEAF Cold WX Wool

I wore Arc’teryx LEAF’s Cold WX Wool baselayers throughout last winter. They are very comfortable. The engineered core spun wool combines the natural anti-odour properties of Merino wool with increased durability perfect for multiple day wear. For this winter, you might want to check out the LS Shirt AR and Bottom AR.

LS Shirt AR


Bottom AR


• Wool retains warmth when damp, transfers moisture away from core
• Low profile seams improve next-to-skin comfort
• Articulated fit allows full range of movement

Offered in Black and Crocodile, sizes XS – XXL.



5 Responses to “Arc’teryx LEAF Cold WX Wool”

  1. Mike says:

    wow that makes firstspear merino look affordable. What is the percentage of wool in the base layer?

  2. Paul says:

    Is it thicker compared to the Rho LTW? The website describes it as a midweight base layer.

  3. straps says:

    It’s 180 and all Merino–a little heaver than the “Ultra Light” 150 (that many manufacturers–including Arc IIRC–blend with nylon at that weight). For me a “2.5”-season garment.

    Cost goes down when you factor versatility. A well-cut shirt looks (and feels) “right” as a base layer (doesn’t bunch or bind under a shirt) or an outer layer (doesn’t look like you’re walking around in an undergarment). Dead Bird fills that bill.

    When I go on the road between fall and spring I bring a black LS and SS that I got a couple seasons back and I’ll PT in the morning, rinse it, lay it flat to dry on a towel and wear it “out” in the evening.

    Also, the listed prices (on their buggy web site) are Canadian dollars, and most of US LEAF distributors have small “safety or service” discounts…

  4. Gerard says:

    The clothing looks good, the one thing stopping me from buying their stuff is they are cut to fit athletic bodies, Im not fat but lack the narrow waist they require

  5. Steve says:

    As Root Boy Slim used to say, ‘Dare to be Fat – Fat is where it’s At!’. I parade my love-handled glory, the old Rho Top definitely highlights my pecs and (lack of) 6-pack but hey awesome piece and super versatile, like Straps says.