The NFM Group Releases GARM Combat Uniform 2.0

In Norse mythology, GARM is the goddess HEL’s hellhound, the trustworthy watchdog of HELHEIM’s gate (Norse Mythology’s name for Hell). GARM has enormous strength and will go to extremes to protect his master’s assets.

Ski, Norway, August 2017 – The NFM Group is announcing the launch of GARM Combat Uniform 2.0, comprising combat jacket and pants, which has been developed based on the Scandinavian heritage of multi-use clothing for harsh terrains and environment where mobility is key to preserve combat endurance. The GARM Combat Uniform 2.0, has been released first on the NFM Group’s European e-commerce site, NorseGear ( in Norwegian Woodland pattern.

GARM® is NFM Group’s combat clothing brand, which incorporates a complete line of combat garments, from underwear to outer wear. The end-users of GARM® are professionals who need to have complete confidence in the functionality and quality of the equipment they use.

“We are thrilled to release the new generation GARM Combat Uniform. We have been working on design, functionality and technology for over three years, and after extended field trials we feel confident to release the second-generation uniform for the professional users.”
Lasse Johansen, Norwegian GARM® Program Manager

The NFM Group have leapt one step ahead implementing new technologies and design to the various garments for comfort and functionality. Features like pre-bent knees, elbows and many other outdoor clothing functional fit features have been preserved to give the end-user optimal mobility. The NFM Group will release the new combat clothing in several standard colors; raptor green, hellhound grey and raven black. For volume program deliveries, NFM Group will be able to supply in colors and pattern of choice, as well as in various fabrics.

Following the GARM Combat Uniform 2.0, the GARM Combat Shirt 2.0 will be available for retail in 2017. Lasse Johansen states further, ” The next generation of GARM Combat Clothing based on Scandinavian heritage and craftmanship is just around the corner. Follow us on our website and through social media.”


13 Responses to “The NFM Group Releases GARM Combat Uniform 2.0”

  1. Eddie says:

    Love that Viking pride out of Norway.

  2. Jon, OPT says:

    Very nice. I always loved the simplicity of Norwegian camo; it’s green, it’s brown, soon it will all be covered in snow.

    • JayBird says:

      Jon, any chance you’ll be carrying some NFM products for those of us in the US? (Snow Anorak especially)

      • Jon, OPT says:

        Chance? Yes, we are up to it, but no contact has been initiated.

        Right now we are focused on finishing out our retail space, once that is done we will move back into product line expansion.

        In the interim, I may get some stuff for T&E.

  3. Lasse says:

    I am so over this whole viking stuff. Like we, Norwegians, destroyed our viking heritage when we became a Christian nation. All of a sudden you think you’re a Viking even though you’re baptized and stuff. Vikings are the new Spartans, any takers on whos next?

    Anyway, the uniform has some cool features that I like, but the pants… Who decided that the seam on the front is a good idea? What kinda pants have flat felled seams running down the front of each leg? That’s some weird stuff.
    Also, do these blow out in the crotch within 10 minutes like the 1.0 series pants?

    Jon, soon it will be replaced (and covered in snow).

    • Vemund says:

      I’ve had the pants since June, used it for several hours/days during training, and have no bad experience with the flat felled seams. Even when the pant got soaked.

      The crotch maintains intact.
      Compared to the 1.0 series, the fit is a whole other story.

    • Jeg says:

      They’re definitely not pants designed for yoga but they’ll do the trick in the field.

    • Luke says:

      Front seam isn’t common but it has a few advantages, it lets you anchor the front of pockets in a seam and you can add some knee articulation without any darts or pleats. Can’t tell if the seam runs under the knee reinforcement or not, but that is the only area for concern and its probably a non-issue the way these are made.

      Actually many waders and some of Arcteryx’s ski pants use the front seam for shaping.

      • Vemund says:

        The knee part has an inside soft pocket for internal knee pads covering the flat seam. The pocket actually improves the comfort over the knee.

        As said: Very satisfied!

        • Luke says:

          Looking closer it even looks like the laminated outer knee panel keeps the seam even flatter, looks pretty solid to me. What is the internal soft pocket made out of?

          • Vemund says:

            Don’t know what the internal pocket is made out of, but it’s soft and elastic.
            And you are right, the laminated outer knee keeps the seam somehow flatter. And, prevents the knee to rip open if I decide to skip the exterior knee protector.

  4. Vemund says:

    Bought this uniform on release date in June 2017, and are extremely happy with it.
    This is by far one of the best uniforms I’ve had when it comes to fit and design.
    Light weight, clean and functional details, and a fit that suits me.
    Like the whole Norse Heritage also.

    Looking forward to the combat shirt. The jacket is a bit too warm, even for Norwegian summers.

    Thumbs up and great job to NFM/NorseGear.

  5. Ola says:

    I’ve used the uniform, for quite some time now, and I’m very pleased with it. They seem very durable, and I doubt the crotch will be an issue like on the previous model. There are lots of very clever details, and the fit in general is fantastic. I have a hard time finding uniforms that I feel really fits me, but this is awesome. I especially like the jacket.

    On a sidenote – those platecarriers doe!
    Releasedate and price?