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The Capability – An Original BCM Production


The Capability is a brand new series from Bravo Company, directed by Jon Chang of American Gunfighter and Black Powder Red Earth fame. You can view the first episode by clicking the image above.

Check out the official release at soldiersystems.net/2017/08/31/the-capability-an-original-bcm-production.

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44 Responses to “The Capability – An Original BCM Production”

  1. Will Rodriguez says:

    Posted twice?

    As I said earlier.

    “Very cool video (excellent movement & technique) but ever notice the good guys never get hit?

    I’ve role played for several police departments and some are very good but they never go down even when hit first and even from multiple directions.

    Part of it is you drive on even if you are hit and the desire to achieve training objectives but one has to wonder what happens when the lead guy goes down, Is the team prepared to carry on?

    Maybe some units out here train that but I (and I’m a minuscule sample size) haven’t seen it.”

    • Darkhorse says:

      Maybe you should just stick to role playing for the local PD buddy..

      • Will Rodriguez says:


        No comment on the valid training point though. Telling.

        • Darkhorse says:

          What valid training point are you referring to?

          • PNWTO says:

            Willie boy is referring to his myopia.

            • Bman says:

              Clearly ignorant of who Will is, yet using the term of Myopia. Priceless. It’s a very valid point but the bad guys guns seemed louder, and the good guys weren’t wearing full masks so that tells me the bad guys weren’t firing sims, and this was kind of a “what right looks like demo” for the camera.

              • PNWTO says:

                Yeah, because SOFREP is so esteemed and full of righteousness…’there is always a chance he could be talking past us so I will concede that.

                As for your points about the film, well yeah it is just a show and tell.

    • Geoff says:

      Maybe some things shouldn’t be put up on youtube for the whole world to see?

    • PNWTO says:

      Having you been eating the sim rounds while role-playing? Stop that.

    • Will Rodriguez says:

      Funny guys.

      But no comment on the valid training point. Seems only unquestioning adulation is the approved comment.

      • PNWTO says:

        Considering CQB 101 for many organizations is “Dominate the Room Clear the Funnel” it should be no surprise your question is disregarded.

        • Will Rodriguez says:

          This is CQB 101 to you? There’s a lot more going on here than “Dominate the Room Clear the Funnel”. And you think I’M the one that should be disregarded?

          I apologize, I was trying to engage in intelligent discussion but all I got from you was snarky repartee. Sorry I over estimated you.

    • Patrick says:

      I thought it was a valid question.

      The SRT I train with doesn’t go down. Ever. I know they train the fight through being hit. And after the immediate threat has been dealt with, they’ll conduct some TCCC (usually throwing on a TQ) before driving on.

  2. miclo18d says:

    Did I miss something? What was the capability? The cell phones? Too much here to beat up and mom always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say…”

    • Geoff says:

      I believe the “capability” would be cqb with bad guys and rescue of captives.

      • miclo18d says:

        Well shoot, even ISIS has that capability…

        CQB is a technique, not a capability.

        SF speaking a foreign language while doing CQB is a capability.

      • miclo18d says:

        ETA: See Battledrill 5 for further reference.

  3. Matt says:

    How/why does the post stay at the top? I swear that SSD has said that advertisers don’t drive the daily content.

    Cool video, and I think that “The Capability” refers to being able to do something beyond the normal through training, mindset, and teamwork. The demonstrated, complex tactical problem is well outside the wheelhouse of nearly every PD. The only way to fill the garage is to think and train for the unusual, as those skills will not be wasted…they just enhance the ability to do the usual missions better.

  4. Matt says:

    Yes, but one stays at the top. That’s the observation. I can clearly see that other stories are posted daily, after this one, but they drop below it. And this one is a duplicate, at that, from a couple days ago.

    Are you saying that an advertiser can get preference on leading the feed, but it’s ok because you are still updating? Fine, but call it like it is. FWIW, I reload SSD several times a day and if I see the top “story” is the same, I move on quickly, so it would be easy to miss newer posts below the featured(?) feed.

    • miclo18d says:

      Don’t Ike SSDs postings….leave and don’t come back, it’s YOUR right of freedom not to come here. Sheesh. Stop whining and grow up.

      If SSD likes the video and wants it at the top, who gives a F?

      “It’s like listening to my sisters kids or something!”

      • Matt says:

        And it’s your right to comment or not. Sheesh…like listening to my sister. Fanboys everywhere. Simply made an observation, I’m quite grown up and understand discourse without having to jump in. Nothing in my comments involved you.

        Just trying to reconcile my recollection of SDD’s past postings. Sometimes it seems this site exists to promote the industry instead of benefit the end user. Fine, but let’s be upfront about it if so. I appreciate the site and content, but also like understanding if content is biased.

        • SSD says:

          What part of “an industry blog” confuses you? I write about the industry. That benefits the end user.

        • miclo18d says:

          Apparently you never watched Tombstone….

          Fanboy? Because you made youself look like an idiot? Ad hominem attacks from those with no argument? If you don’t like how he posts, make your own web page for the end user. If it’s good, people will leave here and go to Matt’s page. Or would you rather the government or Google tell Eric how to run his site?

          You don’t need to reply internet commando, I concede to your superior moral argument.

          • Matt says:

            Wow…who’s the internet commando? I looked like an idiot because you say so? Thanks for your service protecting free thought. What’s with the government and google comment? Straw argument? Ironic to claim I’ve made an Ad Hominem attack when you came straight for me instead of addressing my position. Never attacked Eric, just questioned how content is prioritized. I visit SSD precisely because it is a good site, and desire that it not promote advertisers over quality content. Chill.

            Yes, I understood the Tombstone reference (quotes gave it away), just not the need or applicability in response to a simple observation not directed at you. But it’s easy to gang up someone on the internet, the very thing that this site tends to frown on if the comments disparage a cool guy or company.

            • miclo18d says:

              You seem to think that sarcasm equates to a straw man argument. Since comprehension is difficult for you, the gov’t google referefnce is about free speech and Eric’s ability to do as he pleases with HIS website. That you don’t seem to comprehend this simple concept speaks volumes about you. As far as your argument…. you have none. Again build your own site and run it as you see fit. Be prepared for every azzhat with an ax to grind on how you introduce content to sharpshooter you at every corner. I stand by my statement, internet commando. Go play airsoft somewhere else please.

              • Matt says:

                Says the commando on the internet…

                If you think I’m an airsofter, you’re mistaken. Or are you going to dismiss your being wrong as sarcasm, too? I made no argument; I had a question, a freely expressed thought. It didn’t concern or involve you, yet here you are, grinding your own ax.

            • Patrick says:

              He’s got 18d in his screen name…better be careful.

    • Geoff says:

      It’s sponsored content. The Gunfighter Moments would be front and center for a few days too if I recall.

  5. Matt says:

    Not confused except on if a post gets pinned in exchange for advertising, versus the clear ads on the margin. That’s all. Why is this hard to answer? I also write about a specialized industry, so I understand the challenges of producing objective content, while trying to promote the advancement of ideas.

    “Soldier Systems Daily doesn’t just…parrot press releases from industry. All information is weighed for its added value and paired with historical data to provide unmatched insight into the tactical industry. ”

    “We put the “new” in news. If it’s worth knowing you are going to read it here first.”

    “Also, we aren’t here to sell you anything. We…don’t use our access in industry to come up with ideas to design and sell products. This is about the information, not about luring you in to sell you something.”

    “Unlike many other sites, we don’t charge for stories.”

    • SSD says:

      Look at the tags. They are your friend. We use those to comply with FTC guidance. You might ask if where you write for does as well.

    • SSD says:

      We charge for stories? You’re saying we charge for stories. If you have evidence of this, present it. Along with your full name.

  6. Matt says:

    Thank your for clarifying about tags. I did not say you charged for stories, I am not saying it, and your attempt to claim I did is a leap. I pulled your site’s own words from your about page to point out the things that caused me to wonder about paid content. Period. Your defensiveness and hostility is surprising. I only ever asked if paid content was pushed to the top, and got the run around instead of a simple, “we do occasionally run sponsored content and that content will often lead the day’s feed.” Accepting paid content in exchange for preferential placement is something I wanted to be clear on, because in the past my recollection is that you have posted in comments that SSD did not get paid for stories it ran, and I made the mistake of assuming that mean any paid content, versus forcing payment. That info helps me be a better consumer and more objective. Kind of how gun rags have gotten a bad rap for biased reviews, you know? As you known, that’s one of the reasons so many blogs and videos qualify their reviews. I’m curious also, what other “many sites” in this industry do charge for stories? I’d like to skip them.

    I’ll happily provide my full name, you have my email, just ask.

  7. Matt says:

    I write for printed media, independently. I have never charged any manufacturer for a story, most of which run over 1500 words, nor do I get free samples. I am paid by the publisher if my content is published.

    • SSD says:

      In order to be in compliance with FTC guidance, you should probably ask two questions. Does the magazine you write for disclose when a company featured in an article is also an advertiser? Do you make any money from the products you write about in your side business?

  8. 6.8 pumper says:

    What are these guys using for weapons? Is it a high end airsoft or sim rounds?
    I have no force on force experience and am curious what these guys are shooting each other with…

    • sjl777 says:

      UTM bolts and ammo. Replace the bolt in your rifle and you can fire the rimfire UTM rounds and use your actual weapon.

  9. Ken says:

    I have never been in the military. I come to SSD to see and read cool products and articles that I enjoy.

  10. ODG says:

    Interesting video, I saw lot good things, but I also saw a ton of mistakes. Makes me wonder what they teach at SFARTAETC these days..