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NTOA Announces New Advanced Response Police Officer Course

In response to recent critical incidents, the NTOA designed its latest course to meet the needs of officers who might not be assigned to tactical teams, but still require advanced skills.

Doylestown, Pa. (August 2017) – The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) is pleased to announce its newest course, Advanced Response Police Officer, to its impressive roster of continuing education and training resources. In the wake of recent critical incidents, today’s law enforcement officer needs to be more prepared than ever. The Advanced Response Police Officer course was designed to meet the needs of officers who might not be assigned to a tactical team, but who still require advanced skills to respond appropriately before a tactical team arriving. This is a 40-hour (five-day) course, comprised of 10 classroom and 30 practical hours.

Photo courtesy of Laura Fogarty.

The Advanced Response Police Officer course is designed to provide officers with enhanced training, skills, and techniques to survive ambush and unexpected threat situations. Focusing on practical application of skills learned, this course is conducted primarily in the field or on the range. It is designed for any police officer wanting to enhance his or her survivability in any environment. Topics include the use of various pieces of equipment, tactical movement, tactical combat casualty care, live fire drills, scenario-based decision-making, rescues and counter-ambush tactics.

Upon completion of the course, attendees will be familiar with the fundamentals of tactical movement, ballistic shield operations, mechanical breaching, interior building clearing tactics for two- and three-man teams, tactical movement in open air and urban environments, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC), officer/citizen down rescues and counter-ambush survival tactics.

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7 Responses to “NTOA Announces New Advanced Response Police Officer Course”

  1. Stefan S. says:

    How about LEO training on how not to overreact and shoot unarmed people. Not a BLM wacko but too many untrained or simply tough-guys with a badge. (Minneapolis police officer shoots Australian woman through door)

    • JDT says:

      Thanks for the tip. You just saved me a 40-hour, 5-day course.

      • mike says:

        That’s one cop out of close to a million in the US and who knows how hundreds of millions of calls for service every year. You nailed that one. I’ve got a better idea, don’t lower the hiring standards and go back to high stress academies.

        • Key says:

          Exactly. I can’t speak to that officer specifically but the consequences of the guardian movement is low stress community college esque police academies where the fight for life is removed, where PT is replaced with trendty acronyms on dealing with people with preferred pronoun and then coupled with hiring hair dressers and baristas to appease the PC crowd. But they look good on your Facebook page and promo videos…

  2. Roy Woodall says:

    Put you money were your mouth is and go sign up.

    • AdamMike says:

      This. Every law enforcement expert I meet does not have the balls to do the job. If you know how to revolutionize the LE community, get involved and make it happen.

      As for the class; ALERRT classes are tuition free, TECC or TCCC or Tactical Lifesaver classes are tuition free, some firearms training is tuition free. We all know how the free vs. $$$ fight will go when requesting classes. If administration is having heart attacks losing their tac-guys for a week for SWAT training do we really think they are going to give up Patrol guys for a week? Especially in the current environment of “militarization”? By the way, thanks President Trump for breathing new life into the 10-33 program. Bring on the bargains!

      I believe they saw the Illinois Tactical Patrol Officer Model and saw dollar signs. I’m all for training, just don’t know how successful this will be. The training market is saturated. Hell, John Giduck reemerged this year. What a puke.

      Staying tuned.

  3. Key says:

    Looks like SWAT basic light. Every department with a team should have their tac guys pushing this knowledge thru all the other units.