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Kitanica – Magnetized Lightweight Vented Shirts

From the Kitanica testing laboratory comes a Kitanica special magnetic closing shirt. No more buttons to fumble with and great for CCW. Kitanica’s magnetized lightweight vented shirt is available only in long sleeve. Constructed of a combination of light but durable 4.5 oz. polycotton ripstop and antimicrobial moisture managing A.M.Y®/Sorbtek® Mesh, it offers incredible breathability. With a mesh vent behind the arm and gussetted back, this shirt has been designed for great airflow.

It is equipped with left and right angled and pleated front chest pockets with pen tubes on the left pocket. The design of Kitanica’s shirt includes a banded collar as well as the ability to wear it tucked or untucked. The shirt closes with special magnets seated in the placket. The shirts are made in the USA.

Lightweight 4.5 oz Poly/Cotton Ripstop
Antimicrobial moisture managing A.M.Y®/Sorbtek® Mesh
Mesh vent behind the arm and gussetted back
Left and right angled and pleated front chest pockets
Pen tubes on the left pocket
Double layer reinforced in elbows
Gussetted back for full range mortion
Bar-tacked at the stress points and has double needle top-stiching Magnetic closing placket

Available in any color, as long as it’s Black.


8 Responses to “Kitanica – Magnetized Lightweight Vented Shirts”

  1. reader says:

    I am concern about the magnets losing its power

  2. AirborneKhanda says:

    Don’t try to land nav with a compass while wearing this shirt …

  3. Gerard says:

    this design has real potential for concealed carry, it looks slightly tactical but can still pass as an ordinary workshirt

  4. Cy says:

    Just wait till you go to get the shirt out of the dryer. I have a pair of shorts with magnet closures for the pockets. Brush up next to something steel (car) and the shorts pockets are now attached to it. It can be real annoying.

  5. Dellis says:

    Machine shop + magnetic buttons = surprise sharp metal shavings!