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Kit Badger on Rationalizing 3Gun as a Game

Kit Badger recently posted a video after shooting a 3 Gun competition. It is about the rationalization that comes from the hard line tactical side, which he was once a part of. The thought process is that because it’s a game, there’s no reason to do it. Read his article at this link and wayxh this video to see what he thinks now.

What do you think?


10 Responses to “Kit Badger on Rationalizing 3Gun as a Game”

  1. Bloke_from_ohio says:

    I have yet to shoot a 3 gun match. But shooting IDPA is/was a lot of fun. It also exposed me to a lot of guys who are way better than me. The mentoring and community aspects were well worth the range fees and “training scars” the rules and artificiality of the game imposed on me. But what does I know, I am just a filthy pouge who doesn’t even operate.

  2. Jack Griffin says:

    Well said.

    There is a very real Iron Curtain of Ego that prevents guys in “martial careers” from playing shooting games that measure them against their peers. The only way for these guys to use their illusion is to not play the game. Instead of participating, they continue to ride their DD-214 surfboard and don those shoulder candy floaties through the waves to their next paycheck.


  3. jon says:

    I think Aaron at Guerrilla approach talks about this really well about how competition isn’t a negative, as long as tactical approaches are not “gamed”…He’s got some good stuff SSD has posted before that I think agrees with this post. I think there are some others like frank proctor or Pat Mac who have posted similar thoughts.

    Good video!

  4. SamHill says:

    I think shooting under the artificial stress of competitions can help us. I did an IDPA match yesterday and it was a blast. The people are very willing to share information. Nothing bad happens if you don’t come in first place in some small time local match. It’s just good fun and practice and lots of friendly people from the gun community.

  5. H.C. says:

    I’m in the camp of any range time is good range time. USPSA has a “carry optic” division so one can be competative with a glock 19 with an RMR. Went and shot a match with some old full power carry ammo and while I didn’t win, it was great to have to try and track my dot under some significant recoil with sweaty ass hands. I get pretty confident with my paper and steel drills then get knocked back down a few pegs when I run a match.

  6. Chris K. says:

    Well said. Shooting performance and having to shoot under stress are why competition shooting is great for all shooters, especially “tactical” ones. Another benefit is the positive attitudes of other shooters to learn from, no BS or ego just worthwhile sharing of info. Plus, what other sport can you play and have world champions show up and shoot in your same squad? This is a fairly common thing depending on the match and a ton of training value to be had.