ProTact by Haartz

DSEI 17 – TYR Tactical PICO DS Chest Rack


The PICO-DS Assaulters Chest Rack was designed to be worn as a stand-alone rack or can be attached to the PICO-DS & PICO-MBAV Assaulters Plate Carrier via the Quick Attach Surface Mount (QASM) buckle system. Each rack comes standard with a removable H-Harness. Additionally, a removable antimicrobial/FR treated spacer mesh pad is used internally for comfort and decreased dry time in arid/tropical conditions.

It offers a GP pouch, dual pistol mags (with magnets) and four 30 round AR mag slots along the rear. Additionally, there is a small zippered pouch which will accept an M67 grenade or other items such, as SERE aids.

Coming soon.


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