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DSEI 17 – Revision JTAC Vest

In collaboration with the US Air Force, Revision has been working on a vest for Joint Terminal Attack Vest. In particular, they’re concentrating on a baseline which Airmen can customize, based on individual needs. The base armor vest is a modified Crye Precision AVS and Revision is working on the power and data management. One of example of what you’ll see is a series of apps to control the various components and human interface.

Additionally, Revision ran me through their work on the next generation of headborne systems through the introduction of Sensys. Look for additional details soon.


One Response to “DSEI 17 – Revision JTAC Vest”

  1. AbnMedOps says:

    Interesting how many specialized vests/load carriage systems/packs/etc are being developed for all the specialized guys on the modern battlefield. But how does it all work out when the specialized guy becomes a casualty, and has to be evacuated, and the remaining unit on the ground has to split-off his mission gear from his personal protective gear, and somehow carry/make it all work? Anyone have relevant experiences or Lessons Learned?